Blossom Possum Out & About: Home By Land and Tree

I set out for home on a sunny morning and headed for the hills. No fancy planes, boats or cars this time, just me and my super getting-about-powers of feet, tail and senses. Okay, okay –  I do have to admit to just a little vehicular help, just to get on my way.
blossom-heading-homeHere I am getting close to my drop-off point in a valley not far from home. I can already see there have been lots of changes since I left in February – for one thing, things are much greener than before. Did I miss some rain?

img_1357Once on the ground, I had to get my bearings – up a tree. Where else? I am after all arboreal! It took a while to climb this Euc. – I think I’m out of practice but that’s okay, I can see I’ll get plenty soon. The woodlands are just across this field. The sun is getting high now so the field crossing can wait. Some leaves and a snooze in the canopy is next on the agenda.

I set out again at dusk and along the way I met a few of the locals who tried to fill me in on what I missed.
img_1378Apparently, there’s been quite a bit of rain and there’s lots of grass to eat (if you like grass). Personally, I prefer fruit and flowers with a few nuts and seeds thrown in for good measure. The leaves I ate this morning just didn’t hit the spot so I set out to find some Blossom food.








Here I am having a snack in an Allocasuarina verticllata.  I thinks its also called a Drooping Sheoak – maybe because you have to sometimes droop from your tail to reach the juiciest or nuttiest bits. This little group of trees were great for foraging.

I kept moving and foraging over the next few nights until I knew I was getting really close to home. I found the family lookout to our valley early one morning.
blossom-possum-view-creekHere I am looking around – there was always a bit of water about but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t hear it from here before.
blossom-possum-view-creek-second-dam3Looks okay but a bit wetter. I’ll just have to go down and see. Hope they’re all happy to see me home again!

blossom-possum-string-of-ponds1Mmm… this was barely a trickle when I left… but a bit of water doesn’t scare me! Looks like I’m gonna get wet feet.
blossom-possum-second-dam4Well, maybe a bit more than wet feet!  Lucky I’m a good swimmer…

blossom-possum-string-of-ponds3…and my leaping is simply phenomenal (even if I do say so myself).

Well I finally made it home – was there ever any doubt?
blossom-possum-second-dam1Here I am in our home valley looking at the small string of ponds that has now become something quite impressive. I never knew we had so much water here? Lots of rain clearly. Someone will just have to fill me in…possum-on-a-limb…but where is everybody? I’ve been looking everywhere and here I am, in my birth-tree waiting. Its getting a bit too bright to stay out. Perhaps if I call…

possum-and-fatherHere’s Mummy-poss coming to meet me. She’d been waiting all this time to see if I’d show enough poss-sense to get in out of the sun. Apparently not.

Mummy-poss and all the family really were glad to see me and that evening we all celebrated with a feast of our native peach, Quondong (Santalum acuminatum for the botanists out there)…
blossom-possom-possum-quandong2…and a wildflower salad of orchids and lilies and blue-squill and hypoxis and scaevola.blossom-possum-wildflowers3It’s an excellent time to be having a coming-home feast! Best of all, everyone wants to hear all my travel stories from my trip to the Gawler Library on the Adelaide Plains and from there, over the seas and across continents with Xanthe and her family.

img_1359_2Here I am at the entrance of our family Drey (or nest as you might call it). We talked and shared stories through the night. I expect I’ll be heading out soon for the next installment of my Gawler Public Library adventure, looking for books to read and stories to tell- and you know how I love a story or two.

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Mondays at 4.00pm: Gawler Art Society

Whether you are an artist or simply an art lover, come to the library next Monday and see what the Gawler Art Society has to share on the topic of art.


What’s Your Dewey: 155.5 Too Tense Teens

It’s officially the silly season for teens, that time of year when things start getting desperate. The pointy end of the year where expectations from peers and adults are pressing – homework to be completed, parents to be appeased, social networks to be navigated and phone credit to be reinstated! Some teens seem to cope with minor incursions to those around them, while others flounder, taking any bystanders with them. There are quite a few guides out there aimed at teens and parents of teens on how to cope with the emotional maelstrom, and here is a quick look at just a few titles in the 155.5s  – Psychology, young adult .


A Guy’s Guide/Girl’s Guide to Stress by Travis Clark and Annie Belfield is part of the Flip-it-over Guides to Teen Emotions series that allows teenagers to get both male and female perspectives on the emotional issues that confront them. This reversible book talks about why stress happens and gives easy-to-follow advice that can help teens avoid a complete meltdown. At first glance the book seems dated (published in 2008), with a USA bias, however the offer of a ‘flip-side’ view to teen issues in an accessible format is interesting and reaffirms the idea that stress does not discriminate!

Transforming Stress for Teens, by R. McCraty, S. Moor, J. Goelitz & S.W. Sawyer teaches teens how to use HeartMath techniques to manage emotion and daily anxiety, with an aim to developing emotional resilience. The book describes how emotions can “drain your battery” and provides techniques that help control stress by showing teens how to use their heart-brain connections to regulate emotions. Emotion regulation skills like ‘heart-breathing’, help teen practitioners feel calmer, be more confident and think more clearly, to bounce back from challenging situations.
Follow this link to take a sneak peak inside:

The Anxiety Survival Guide for  Teens, by Jennifer Shannon begins with the introduction You are not alone and you are not to blame, listing the various types of anxiety the book addresses including Panic Attacks, OCD, and Phobias. The book acknowledges that teen milestones such as dating and taking on more mature responsibilities can leave them stuck in a cycle of worry and avoidance. The book uses both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to help teens identify their ‘monkey mind’ where anxiety is thought to arise.
Follow this link to get a sneak peak:


Strictly speaking, The mindful teen: powerful skills to help you handle stress one moment at a time by Dzung X Vo, is a book about mindfulness rather than teen stress. Also strictly speaking, this is not a 155.5, it’s just a little further along the shelf. However, this practical and engaging guide uses mindfulness-based techniques to help teens keep stress at bay. Simple, memorable tips can be used every day to help ameliorate stressful times, be it at school, home, work or in social situations.  The book aims to help teens uncover their inner strength and resilience to take charge of their lives.

Author Dzung X. Vo, MD, FAAP, (a British Columbia pediatrician and clinical researcher) specializes in adolescent medicine and emphasizes that resilience in young people helps them thrive in the face of stress and adversity. His multi-media material on the topic is available to purchase online and view through YouTube. There is also a Blog site dedicated to teens for teens on mindfulness. You can link to the site here:

There are of course many other titles that help teens deal with the changes and challenges that confront them and they can sit anywhere in Dewey – like teen body image books and teen social media networking books and teen diet books and teen relationships books, to name a few other potential Dewey areas. There are so many (depending on the type of stressor being discussed), that it can be difficult to locate the right title at the right time for your teen – but I’m not stressing about it.


Tech Savvy: Online Shopping

Shopping: Some people love it, some people loathe it! Since technology has become involved and our communication methods have evolved, a new era of shopping from anywhere you can get a connection to the internet has arrived. You can be at home on the couch, waiting at the school pickup, sitting at the doctor’s office or at your local library on their computers, shopping locally or from a supplier on the other side of the world! Now it has become mainstream with many people taking to it in droves.
It started out in niche areas with smaller companies using the online environment to market products to a wider audience. Bigger websites soon adopted the method, selling items through the one retailer like Amazon, one of the first adopters of the technology, or by many smaller retailers collaborating  into a one-stop-shop like Etsy, the handmade mecca. There are websites for bartering or swapping pre-owned items like Gumtree,  or bidding on items like eBay.  
Most of the time you access online shopping by using your browser on your device or computer to access their websites, but many companies are now creating brand specific apps to access their online offerings.
Whilst all this is great news for those who need a new gift, appliance or book, what if you need some milk, bread and that packet of M&M’s you’ve been craving? Well the supermarkets have joined in too. Woolworths, Coles and even some Foodland outlets (Frewville, Munno Para & Pasadena here is SA) have their own online websites or apps available. So you can stock up your fridge or pantry and they can either deliver to your home or have it ready for you to pick up when it’s convenient for you.
The fashionistas have not missed out either. Many fashion retailers now get their start online which can cut down on the initial costs of starting a business. Big name fashion houses also have online shops and/or apps. You can peruse their latest collections, purchase something, have it delivered and try it on.  Many will also give you the opportunity to return items for a refund if they don’t fit or aren’t to your satisfaction, provided care has been taken and tags are still intact.
Here at the library we are big fans of books! Found a great book that you’re finding hard to return?  Want a copy of your very own?  So, many booksellers are now exclusively online.  The Book Depository is a great option for book purchases and as a bonus, has free delivery!  
With so many options available, why leave the house at all? For the most part, online shopping is all about convenience. Being able to find a gift to be delivered to the intended recipient who lives far away, choosing your grocery items at night after all has become quiet and you can think straight or the ability to select and order something to be delivered from a store difficult to get to, are all part of what makes this new trend easy to use and fast becoming the new norm.
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Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

Overdrive’s Next Big Library Read

Looking for a new book? Looking to give eBooks a try?
Our digital content provider; Overdrive is giving unrestricted access for all library members to the title ‘This is Where it Ends’ from 13-27 October for their ‘Big Library Read’ program.
That means no need to place a reservation and no waiting for your turn!
Check out the link to download your copy: