Magazine Highlight – May

For many people, spending a lot more time at home due to the Covid-19 situation, has allowed them time to dream, renovate and decorate! Hardware and home improvement stores have seen a boom in sales as people make their homes, their sanctuary. Press Reader has the Australian Home Beautiful magazine available to inspire you to create your dream home. A guide to getting started on Press Reader is available here.

Get your digital copy of Australian House & Garden Magazine-August ...

The June issue has an invitingly warm front cover, complete with wood fire! Inside there is a bonus bathroom guide to help you create a perfect pamper zone for those cold winter evenings, a guide to create a media room to while away those isolation hours, and a showcase of home offices to inspire your work day.



Another pastime people are indulging in whilst at home is food! There is a hunger-inducing article with some fresh new ideas and recipes for the humble noodle. Tasty soups, fragrant stir-fry’s and flavoured meats, there is sure to be a noodle dish to suit your taste.

May’s issue of Australian Home Beautiful magazine has a masterclass in creating the Hampton’s and Boho styles in your home. You can also take a peek inside 100 dream homes, and gain an insight to renovation advice, and real-life renovation experiences. There is also a story on Victorian artist Kirsten Jackson with her brighter-than-bright canvas artwork.

Picture of Home Beautiful Magazine Subscription

Australian Home Beautiful magazine is full of ideas, inspiration and advice for the budding home renovator, or if you do not have the inclination to renovate, its great eye candy for the armchair enthusiast!

To get your copy of the Australian Home Beautiful magazine using our subscription to PressReader, you can either download the app or use your browser in your PC. You’ll find all the information here. Happy renovating!

Evening Reads

These are just a few of the Latest Titles available on our shelves. Our new titles come in all shapes and sizes whether it’s graphic novels (for young and old), audio books, magazines, non-fiction or great stories. You can place these titles on hold and now that we are open again, come in and Grab and Go once you are notified.

This week for KIDS CREATE, we want to show you how a micro computer like the Micro:bit works. Check out the video below and try this link for some Micro:bit projects to try. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Micro:bit, there is an ‘unplugged’ Home Tech Treasure Hunt activity you can try too.

TEEN TRAILERS Astrid Scholte talks to Anna Whateley about her latest release The Vanishing Deep. This title is available both as an ebook and on our shelf.

This week’s STORYTIME is brought to you by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters. If you would like to enjoy more of Rod Clement’s stories about birds follow the link to our catalogue.

If you’d like to play with an action song on the theme, have fun with this one.

I saw a little bird go hop, hop, hop.

I told the little bird to stop, stop, stop.

I went to the window to say ‘How do you do?’

He wagged his little tail and far away he flew!

WEEKLY WIND DOWN What do you do to relax at the end of the week? How do you add a self-care into your routine? Several new books have arrived with a theme of self-care recently, perfect timing for current conditions but important always. While JOMO has been defined as the opposite of FOMO, author Tanya Dalton defines it as “An intense feeling of delight caused by centering your life on what is truly important and letting go of the “should” and “have to’s” in life.”
Why not wind down this week by identifying a ‘have to’ you can let go of, and something truly important you can centre on.

After a busy week with lots of changes, we hope you find what you need this weekend and enjoy a read.

Library UPDATE

On Monday 11th May the Civic Centre Library re-opened in accordance with the South Australian roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions. On Monday 18th May the Evanston Gardens Library will also re-open.

We would like to welcome the community back to our libraries to browse and borrow from our shelves. Please note that the services available, and government restrictions we are working with, are continually evolving. These are the current conditions.

Our Call and Collect service is transitioning into a Grab and Go service now that we can welcome you inside to browse our shelves.

This week also saw Libraries SA allow holds to be placed on items from other libraries. There may be some delays in receiving requested items while libraries work towards reopening but we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Evening Reads

Check out some of the new DVDs and CDs recently arrived on our shelves here at the Gawler Civic Centre & Evanston Gardens libraries. You can request your items with our online catalogue and pick them up using the ‘Call & Collect’ service. 

Some of the titles include; the third season of Death in Paradise, a BBC detective show set in the Caribbean, or the Masterpeace CD by Niall which is world music for healing trauma and relieving stress (you can follow the link to listen). Perhaps local artist, Tame Impala’s Slow Rush album is more to your taste with their psychedelic rock. Or more crime can be found in the Queens of Mystery DVD, about three mystery solving women and their detective niece. For the kids try Horrible Histories the Movie, or if you are after some footy you may be interested in The Australian Dream which looks at discrimination in AFL and is presented by Adam Goodes.

Our featured titles for OFF THE SHELF this week concentrate on treats for Mum.

While beauty and massage salons are still closed there is no reason you can’t have a special spa treatment at home. It isn’t hard to create a DIY treatment from ingredients such as oatmeal, sugar, avocado, coconut oil, or almonds. Take a look at these 10 Great Ideas from 1001 best health hints and tips.

You can find more relaxing ideas in the books pictured below, which are available to place on hold for Call and Collect. Search our catalogue here.

BookBrowse, is an award-winning website that specialises in curated book recommendations for book clubs and those who read to expand their horizons. BookBrowse is offering full access to all content at no charge to public libraries and their patrons until the end of May.

There is much to explore…
📖 Read insightful reviews of recently published books, fiction & nonfiction.
🕵️‍♀️ Explore historical, cultural and contextual aspects of featured books through BookBrowse’s “beyond the book” articles.
💬 Take part in online book club discussions.
📚 Find advice and inspiration for your book club.
😍 Discover what new and notable books are publishing soon.
🤔 Browse for books by genre, time period, setting and theme.
🔍 Search read-alike suggestions for thousands of books and authors.
🤩 Catch up on what’s new in BookBrowse’s twice-monthly online magazine, The BookBrowse Review.
✏️ Try your hand at fun literary games. And so much more!

Rachel Caine‘s 5th book in her Great Library series has arrived in our Teen Fiction section. For those unfamiliar with the series, it centres around the Great Library of Alexandria which burned in Julius Caesar’s time. Rachel Caine asks

“What if, instead, the Great Library had survived? What if it had formed alliances with other storehouses of knowledge around the world, and emerged as the greatest power ever built? Would it be benevolent? Or something else?”

Find out more in this 360 second video book review.

Or watch some of the book trailers on Rachel Caine’s website

You can place Sword and Pen (5th in the series) on hold for Call and Collect, or start at the beginning with Ink and Bone (1st in the series).

“Rachel Caine transports the reader to an imaginary future world where a Great Library controls all knowledge and the private ownership of printed books is a radical, dangerous practice. ”

Deborah Harkness, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches    

This week’s storytime was a lovely reading full of character of Go Home, Cheeky Animals! Jack Charles joins the Playschool crew for a humerous tale about dogs and other animals by Johanna Bell.

If you would like to borrow Johanna Bell’s book, please follow the link to our catalogue,  to place a hold for Call and Collect. Or you can read it as an ebook for free with your library card.

Here’s a song on the theme for you to play as a clapping game:

In Australia lives a dog,
And Dingo is his name-o
And Dingo is his name-o.

Can you clap it slow? Clap it fast? How fast can dingo go go?

WEEKLY WIND DOWN Feel like an indulgent but easy taste sensation?

There’s plenty of recipe books at the library if you are interested in some inspiration. Follow the link to our catalogue place a hold, and then Call and Collect. While you are waiting try these 2 ingredient recipes and let us know how they tasted.

If you aren’t sure what you want to read next, be it audio, magazine, DVD, non-fiction or a tale. Give us a call and ask for a recommendation. There’s always something new to try.

Evening Reads

Check out some of the new items recently arrived on our shelves here at the Gawler Civic Centre & Evanston Gardens Libraries. While we can’t source items from other libraries during the COVID-19 restrictions, there is new stock regularly arriving and available for our customers.

Either search our catalogue and place your hold, or give us a call and arrange a Call and Collect.

Run out of things to do? Let’s get nostalgic! Think back to the ‘70s, to the crafts which all the magazines encouraged us to embrace.

So many of them utilised everyday materials, things we probably all have hiding around the house… Remember macramé? Weaving? Woven nail art? They’re worth reviving, and we have some books to help bring out your inner hippy, so put on some vinyl and pop a hold on some of these titles – and have fun!

Teen readers may be interested in Helena Fox’s How It Feels To Float which has been shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia for Book of the Year for Older Reader’s. You can read a review or borrow the ebook.

Each week we will be featuring a video Storytime session for our younger readers. This week’s comes from Prospect Library Payinthi. We hope you enjoy these stories. Don’t forget our always open ebook and audiobook collections. You can find the Kids Collection here on Overdrive.

Fuel your Fire by Samantha Acton. It’s got some great pages and worth a flick through. The page pictured below talks about creating mantras.

“you want it to be a good reminder to stay open and invite bliss into each moment”.

Samantha Acton

We hope you enjoy your evening reads and are interested to hear what you’ve been enjoying recently, whether it’s a library book, a magazine article, online content, ebooks, podcasts, movie or more.