Claymation Youtube video

Here is the Youtube link to the recent Claymation school holiday event held at Evanston Gardens Branch Library.
Did your child help to make one of the videos?
Comment here if you would like a copy to keep.

claymation for youtube


2 thoughts on “Claymation Youtube video

  1. Really disappointed…my son and his friend attended the Claymation workshop at the Evanston Gardens branch in July…their characters aren’t featured in the video? He has been asking me for some weeks to track down this video and will be devastated. If there was a chance all the work might not feature in the final version it would have been advantageous to know this before raising the kids expectations.

    • Clarissa, library staff were not aware that all Claymation films clips had not been loaded. This was organised by ActiveEducation who provided the workshop and were responsible for the filming and upload to Youtube of films.
      I will endeavour to follow this up with them but ask you to describe your son’s and his friend’s characters to help with enquiries to ActiveEd.
      Thank you

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