Little Tent of Stories



What do National Simultaneous Storytime, Come Out Children’s Festival and the Gawler Public Library have in common? The Brothers Quibble and the Little Tent of Stories!

This year’s Come Out Children’s Festival theme is ‘Building Bridges.’ Come Out’s Artistic Director Susannah Sweeney, who has chosen this year’s theme, would like participants to consider it in terms of ‘bridges within oneself – mind, heart, body and soul; between friends, family and communities; across generations, locations, and cultural and social demographics.’


National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Now in its 15th successful year it is a colourful, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy. It does this by selecting one Australian children’s book that explores age appropriate themes then asks adults and children to simultaneously read that one book  across Australia. This year’s chosen title is The Brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey.

Library motto
On Wednesday 27 May 2015 at 11.00am,  Gawler Public Library staff will present the The Brothers Quibble to a young audience in the Little Tent of Stories at the Festival Theatre for the Come Out Children’s Festival . Celebrating it’s 30th year as a Public Library, Gawler Public Library’s presentation will build on this year’s theme –  bridging past and present, people and places, books, stories and children – connections limited only by our imagination.
Library Tree


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