Meet Marjorie – First in our Library series ‘Behind the Scenes’

Mrs. Marjorie Waite, now 95 years young,  came to Australia from England with her husband and children many years ago.  The family lived in various towns in South Australia, including Loxton where snakes were unwelcome visitors to the outside loo!  Marjorie’s daughter-in-law (“a lovely girl!”) calls Marjorie an avid reader, although Marjorie says she “doesn’t read just anything…Books are like friends.  If you have a book to read, you are never alone.”

Mrs Waite

Marjorie is one of our lovely Home Visits patrons and for the last eight years she has been writing reviews of the books she receives from us.  Some of the books have not lived up to expectations!

Johnny O’Keefe, by Jeff Apter
[Review May 2015]
I read three ‘tracks’ and couldn’t bear any more of the rubbish.  Not my sort of music!  Music?


On Line Dating after Sixty, by Carole Leithbridge
[Review April 2015]
The blurb says, ‘one woman’s journey of love, lust and losers’.
I say Ms. Leithbridge is a disgusting old woman! I read six chapters and then gave it up.

Searching for the Secret River, by Kate Grenville
[Review March 2015]
Winner of the Orange Prize – should be lemon!
I can understand why the author of this book received an award, but if I had an ancestor like this I would prefer to let him R.I.P.  However, she has left no stone unturned in the search of his life.  She has retraced every movement, even the murder of his wife.  I found her utterly boring.  She ought to be in the police force.  She is a human bloodhound!

Three books which Marjorie has read and thoroughly recommends are:
A Fortunate Life, by A.B. Facey
[Review May 2015]
The true story of a man’s life from an eight-year-old.  Never been to school being sent from home to work on a stranger’s land; the ill-treatment he received, his escape and finally being placed with good people.  He tries to educate himself, then he is at Gallipoli.  After that, the great depression, but he keeps on picking up odd jobs.  Finally achieving a permanent job, he marries – but his adventures go on!  This book should be in every school.  It is up-to-date history.

Fortunate Voyager: the Worlds of Ninian Stephen, by Philip Ayres  [Review October 2014]
This is the wonderful life story of Sir Ninian Stephen, one-time Governor General of Australia.  I loved it, and highly recommend it.

Under the Microscope, by Professor Earl Owen
[Review September 2014]
The blurb says it all.  This is one wonderful person.  Read and enjoy.

Marjorie continues to read and review the books we provide her and often inspires staff to read the books she reviews.

If you would like to read any of the titles above, visit our library catalogue to reserve a copy
If you would like to learn more about the library’s Home Visiting Service, or know someone who might benefit from the service simply contact the library and ask for details.


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