Rising Star by Angus Randell: Gawler Short Story Competition, Youth Section, Third Place

Mystogen was a wizard. He had blue hair and green eyes, he wore black robes. He was often called the Black Wizard and he had quite a reputation. He lived in the world of Earthland. He obtains power to protect his friends. He was part of a guild of wizards who would go around defeating dark guilds. Most of the dark guilds were weak, built up of mostly thieves and those who couldn’t make it into legit guilds. Mystogen and his friends were part of the guild Rising Star a guild with 20 wizards who were strong and not so strong. But Mystogen was the strongest except for the guilds master an old wizard who could turn into creatures of massive proportions. The guild was devoted to helping others; Rising Star specialized in taking out dark guilds and handing them to the Magic Council. But by doing this him and his friends made some powerful enemies and little did they know they were right under their noses.

Not too far away one of the leader Dark Guilds from the Dark Alliance, Black Lightning was planning something.
“Rising Star destroyed another guild we’re losing more members every day,” shouted a Lackey.
“Cowards the lot of em” shouted another,
“I say we should take on Rising Star now, catch em by surprize!”
“I would like to see you try you oaf’ yelled out another, the entire guild started shouting at the top of their lungs arguing with one another, then punches started to fly and everyone got pulled into a tavern styled brawl.

“Enough” shouted a firm deep voice; a big man with black hair and white eyes emerged from a doorway. He wore a red beaded necklace on top of his bare chest and pants made. from various animal skins. Everyone stopped and instantly got down on their knees
“We are deeply sorry master” said one of the lackeys whilst quivering in fear. “You’re not sorry. Your all just a bunch of weaklings, now, disappear” he
boomed. With a bright flash of light screams erupted and slowly as the light faded so did the screams, where they had once been there was only a hand full of wizards left. They had disappeared just like the man said.
“What a bunch of weaklings” he said calmly
“Nicely done” said a figure that appeared out of the shadows, his hair was white and spikey he wore black robes lined with yellow which went down to his black shoes. His eyes where a horrible shade of brown.
“You dispatched them nicely but now we only have a handful of lesser wizards left”
“That doesn’t matter, they were all weaklings our guild has no use for them. Now, all of you that are left, I spared your lives because you were stronger than the rest. Soon we will be attacking Rising Star I hope all of you will not disappoint me!”
“We won’t master you will be happy you spared us” one of them replied hastily “I doubt that” said the master slowly.

Back at Rising Star the wizards had got word that Black Lightning was planning something big and they were having a meeting to decide what to do.

“We don’t know what they’re planning but we must stop them” said the master he was an old fellow, short, not much hair left, blue eyes. He wore white robes lined with gold but despite his looks he was powerful.
“We do know that they are stationed somewhere around here, they could be planning an attack” said Mavis the Rising Star taction.
“If they are we must be prepared, they may be a dark guild but they are strong” Just after the master had said that there was a loud crash and the ground started to shake and one of the walls collapsed and a hand full of wizards started pouring through.
“Thanks for the complement but we’re not taking any prisoners” said one of the wizards as he charged straight in and knocked Master to the ground the rest of them charged as well not giving a chance to react. After their initial attack Rising Star attacked with not as much power as they had liked because the master had been knocked out but Black Lightning didn’t stand a chance.

“Nicely done” clapping could be heard from the corner of the room as a figure emerged from the shadows.
“Who is that?” Asked Mystogen
“That’s Shadow Gear a sorcerer, He’s the second strongest in Black Lightning” said Mavis
“I guess my reputation precedes me.” He said with glee.
“If you like reputations I guess you’ll know me” said Mystogen
“The Black Wizard Mystogen it will be fun destroying you, but first.” He said as he lifted his arms have.
“Have fun with these” As he said that black ghostly monsters like shadows came out from the floor all of them not really having any shape at all. Then one massive one came out from the floor except this one had a shape and a form, it was that of a ….Dragon!

“I’ll handle that one” said the master as he came to, “Mystogen go after him!” said Master as he started to transform his muscles started to grow then he started to get bigger and bigger he grew until he was the same size of the dragon.
“Come and get me” his voice boomed throughout the guild. They charged at each other the dragon going for a bite but Master swiftly dogged to the side and the dragon in a headlock, beneath them the rest of the guild was battling it out with the smaller shadow creatures. The creatures seamed to have no magic powers at all but they had dangerous sharp claws swinging left and right in a fury. The wizards shot magic of all sorts at them lightning, ice, fire even card magic but as soon as one was defeated more would just come out from the floor. It seamed that they couldn’t defeat them they could only hold them back.

Meanwhile Shadow Gear was trying to escape but as he was just about to get out of town Mystogen gave him a right hook to the face, Shadow Gear recovered quickly and backed up. Then he started to channel all of his magic into a beam, so Mystogen did too.
“This is the end for you Mystogen! You should consider yourself lucky I’m giving you a quick painful death!” He shouted angrily as he fired his magic. Mystogen did too and the beams collided, Mystogen was somehow overpowering Shadow Gear.

“What! how is this possible? I am much more powerful than you! ” He said surprisingly “That may be true, but unlike you I help and protect others that is why you will never win.” Said Mystogen as he used his full power now. Shadow Gear’s beam failed and Mystogen’s hit him with full force.
“I’ve, lost” He said slowly as he passed out.

Back at Rising Star the small shadow creatures slowly faded away but the dragon hadn’t. With a loud roar Master overpowered the dragon and slammed it into the ground narrowly missing the guild members, with the dragon knocked out it slowly disappeared like the other shadows. When Mystogen went back inside he discovered by defeating Shadow Gear the shadows had disappeared. “We’ve won but Blacking Lightning’s master didn’t show his face.” Said Mystogen disappointingly.
‘Tm sure he will show his face someday.” Said Master while rubbing his chin. “And when he does we will be ready” said Mavis confidently. With Black
Lightning defeated and handed over to the Magic Council, Rising Star decided to take a break and celebrate.

The End


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