Blossom Possum Away!

Blossom, Xanthe and their travelling companions are now truly on their way. Here are some ‘snaps and chats’ to start Blossom’s travelogue.Blossom Possom Adelaide Airport

‘Arrived at Adelaide Airport and waited around while papers were checked and luggage tucked away. Not much to see here.’

Map-with-logos‘The trip took hours and hours – I lost count after 14 (although they assured me it wouldn’t take that long!) I was so glad when we finally arrived at DXB (that’s Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates for the couch traveller.)’

Blossom Possum Dubai Airport2‘It was so good to get off that plane and outside…

Blossom Possum Dubai Airport‘…although I must admit to feeling a bit woozy from jet-lag!

Anyway…Can’t stop – places to go, people to meet before the next flight to the Big Apple. (Actually, I could do with a big apple right now, the food on the flight wasn’t very possum-friendly and I’m starving!)’



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