Blossom Possum Abroad; Still Looking for Apples

‘Well, here I am – at the top of The Rock (The Rockefeller Centre to you), looking out at the Big Apple.’

NY skycape‘Its not quite what I expected – not an apple in sight!
Xanthe tells me we are in New York and that skyscraper in the middle is the Empire State Building. I’m not sure why its called a skyscraper, even though its really big, I don’t think it actually touches the sky.  Anyway, now that I’ve got my possum bearings, we are going down into that big smoke to look around.’

‘Here I am with Lady Liberty checking out some keepsakes (I think they’re called soovenears?)  Lady Liberty was kind enough to carry me when my paws started hurting but its all so busy and loud and bright and sparkly here – I think I need some time out.’

Liberty Lady

‘Ah! Just what I needed, some downtime at the Madison Park Garden Playground. It took a little while to get here but we stopped on the way at Broadway and Fifth Avenue. (I’m not sure why but my companions were very excited to be there.)’

Central Park Playground‘I’m feeling much better now that I can see and climb the trees and get some air. There’s lots of interesting sculptures in the park, and there’s a dog run (thankfully not too close to me), and the locals are really nice.’

Meet the locals‘Here I am chatting with one of the locals. We really had a lot in common. We both liked trees and shared some dog jokes – my favorite was the one about the dog barking up the wrong tree… Best of all, Squirrel loves apples,  just like me, and knows where to find them. That’s where we’re going now, to get some apples. Finally!’



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