Blossom Possum Abroad – Oranges not Apples

‘What is it about this trip and invisible fruit?’
We traveled from New York to Orlando in Orange County, Florida.
You guessed it – not an orange in sight! When I spoke to Xanthe about it, (hoping she would present me with a big juicy orange), she said: ‘It used to be the orange capital of the country a long time ago but now its the Theme Park capital.’ I have to admit to being a bit disappointed but it is a pretty place and there are lots of parks. Lake Eola Park is my favorite, especially the Pagoda by the lakeside.


Pagoda at Lake Eola Park

Xanthe and the others disagree. They really liked Universal Studios better…

Shopping in Orlando…and of course the shopping. Soooo many Mickeys!

We did do some amazing things and the time went really quickly. In the end it was all a bit of a rush because we didn’t want to miss the boat.

No, really, we didn’t want to miss the boat from Port Canaveral.

Disney Magic at Port Canaveral
There it is, the Disney Magic Cruise just about to leave…


…and here I am, watching the port disappear. Even though I can swim, I hope I find my sea legs soon…dry land is starting to look a long way away.



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