Blossom Possum Abroad: Over-and-under

Well, we landed at Dover but we had to wait a bit because there was some sort of train strike that meant we couldn’t get to Europe. I don’t know why that should make a difference because I’m pretty sure Europe is across some more ocean, although Xanthe tells me it’s not much of an ocean, its really¬† a channel about 34kms wide at its narrowest. I’m a good swimmer but I’m not sure I can swim that far and I told Xanthe so. She thought I was being funny and said we would be crossing by train … Now who’s being funny! Anyway, after all those days on ‘The Disney’, I decided I needed to get my feet on some ground and be a ‘toorist’ for a bit.

Learning about the war tunnels underneath Dover Castle.Here I am learning about Dover Castle and the way it has protected the coast from nasty visitors across the channel. I’m not sure how good a picket fence is for that, it didn’t stop me at all! I just didn’t get it. Perhaps I needed to take a different perspective on things.

Hanging out at Dover Castle. Wet, windy and chilly day. Off to Brussels soon...Here I am hanging out on the ramparts of Dover Castle. I’m normally pretty good with heights but this was higher than I expected plus it was very windy, wet and very chilly. I’m told you can see the European coast from here. All I could see was more rain coming and not a tree in sight to shelter in. When Xanthe suggested we head for the tunnels – I didn’t ask any questions, I just followed.

Apparently there are lots of tunnels under Dover Castle. Some are from Medieval times, some from the Napoleonic Wars and some from WWII. They are all pretty deep with lots of steps to get to the bottom. I decided my way was quicker.

Looking through the tunnels underneath Dover Castle. They can get very deep!I hope someone thinks to bring me up again. Or, maybe I don’t need to – Xanthe finally told me the way we take a train to Europe is through a tunnel. Maybe there’s a train at the end of this one. I could get a head start…

…or may be not. It all happened in a rush. We got the okay for our train ride to Europe and before I knew it we were on a train, in a different tunnel, under the channel, headed for Brussels.

…Hmm, Brussels – I’m a bit partial to the odd sprout or two, especially when they’re young. I haven’t had a good leafy-green snack for a while and train food didn’t seem to be any better than plane food, or a least there was none appearing. Xanthe says its because its a short trip and we’ll get something to eat when we arrive and to ‘Think ahead Blossom!’ So that’s what I’m doing – thinking ahead to forests of young tender sprouts waiting at the end of this tunnel…

…or not.

TinTin at the Brussels train stationHere I am at the Brussels Train Station, the end of the tunnel. No forest and no sprouts – just more people and a dog! Although Slinky Dog was great… Dogs really aren’t my favorite people…


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