What’s Your Dewey? 821 English Poetry. (Gawler Poetry Competition Closing Soon!)

With just over 3 weeks until the close of this year’s Gawler Poetry Competition, I started browsing the poetry section (821) of our non-fiction shelves and came across a copy of the 2014 Gawler Poetry Competition: Celebration, Winning Entries.
Gawler Poetry Competition Winning Entries 2014

I began to read and considered how the competition’s last theme, Celebration, resonated with this year’s theme of Identity.  I decided it timely to share extracts of some of these past winning entries for those still seeking poetic inspiration.

Desert Beach (celebrating nature) by Stephanie Goodwin
‘Umbrellas sit and wait on a slant, their feet planted firmly in the ground.
They are stubborn, not even moving for the wind which begs of their removal.’

Birth of a New Beginning by Ruby Hartwig
‘The touch of the baby’s delicate fingers sends you warm and bubbly
inside and you know that this feeling of joy and happiness can never be taken
away from you.’

Celebrating sunset by Sarah Frances Hughes
‘Listen carefully and you will hear
A consultation of voices,
Spinning, twirling and laughing.
“Tonight they dance for you”.’

The New Me; A New Year’s Poem by Tatum Okmasich
‘My reflection flashed as I walked past the gold, antique mirror; I stopped.
The person on the other side mirrors my every move; I stared.’

Celebrate Gawler with me by Marguerite Smith
‘…’tis in my veins you’ll see,
Born and bred within her flanks
Her outskirts we roamed free.’

Riesling and Roses by Judy Ferguson
‘Turn a page.
Wrinkled fingers fondle another photograph.
A slender couple, side by side,
Smile nervously.’

After the Ultrasound by Rebecca Edwards
‘She doesn’t know me
yet all she knows is me

my body her burgeoning self
limbs brushing against our shared wall
voices of family rippling
through amniotic sky.’

The word poetry comes from the Latin ‘poeta’, referring to a poet or writer of creative literature in general. Modern use of the word relates more specifically to literary works in which feelings and ideas are expressed  by the use of distinctive styles and rhythms and as such may turn potential readers and writers away. A browse through the various titles on the 821 shelves tells me this is not so. Poetry is diverse and the variety of styles, topics and approaches over time are both expansive and inspiring. Certainly there are clichés, as in any genre or style of writing but there are also many examples of literary genius which keeps me reading poetry.

I will continue to browse the 821 shelves and look forward to this year’s entries in The Gawler Poetry Competition on the theme Identity. If you haven’t done so, why not enter? You too can gain inspiration from the 821 shelves in the library. There’s still time to enter (competition closes on July 8th) and the prizes are good too. You can download the entry form below…and enter!
Gawler Poetry 2016Gawler Poetry 20162


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