Blossom Possum Abroad: Going Places, Meeting Locals.

I wasn’t really keen to do it but Xanthe and her brother got very excited at the prospect of meeting those characters at the station – Tintin and Snowy. Apparently, Tintin is a reporter and Snowy is the dog (in case you didn’t know). They are constant companions and Snowy is always getting Tintin out of trouble (so I’m told). I tagged along to see what the fuss is about.
Meeting Belgium icons Tintin and SnowyHere I am with Tintin and Snowy. Tintin seems a very noble and friendly type of character but a bit excitable. Snowy is a wire-haired Fox Terrier. He’s very clever (for a dog) and has a bit of a sense of humour, but not if you go anywhere near his tail!

I decided in the end that it was good to meet them but what I really wanted to do was get out and explore Brussels. It took us a while to work out how best to get about. The locals were really keen on their autopeds so we checked them out.
Having a closer look at the form of transport many of the locals prefer in Brugge, BelgiumI wasn’t convinced it was the best way for us to get about. Although I thought the colour suited me and it felt a bit racy, the seat was a bit slippery and a ride in the basket was not my idea of fun. After a bit of thought (by my companions not me), we decided on alternate means of transport.

On the canal boat ready for the tour through Brugge in BelgiumHere I am on a canal boat ready for a tour through Brugge in Belgium. I think we made the right decision for transport – rivers like this I understand. It reminded me a bit of the Torrens back home, except for the buildings of course!

One of our first stops was the The Historium in the Grand Place, which is a very old market square in the centre of Brugge. The Historium is really a museum and you can’t get in without meeting one of the locals.

This odd fellow was welcoming all into an interesting museum in Brugge's Grand Place; the HistoriumHere I am exchanging pleasantries with the ‘meet and greet’ person at the entrance to The Historium. He was nice enough… but a bit stiff.

We learnt lots and met lots of people at ‘The Markt’ (as the locals call it) before we continued our tour of Brugge on the canal. People were very kind to me and one lady gave me a yellow flower when she heard what my name was.
Canal boat tour in Brugge BelgiumHere I am with my yellow blossom enjoying the last of our canal tour. I’m told we are heading for a ‘midi’ next, to start the next stage of our travels. I wasn’t sure what they meant by a ‘midi’ – something half big?

Apparently we were leaving Belgium from the Brussels Midi Train Station! This place is big and there’s nothing half about it. You can get to all sorts of countries from here …and there are many, many people moving about.
Finding some interesting characters waiting for a train in the Brussels Midi train stationThis guy was eager to tell me all about the neigh – bouring countries.
(Just quietly – I’m not sure he liked my joke, even though horse was his first language). I hope the people at our next stop have a sense of humour!


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