Blossom Possum Abroad: Sunshine and Sunflowers

On the train and on the move again so its goodbye Brussels, Amsterdam here we come! I got a window seat and it was fun to see the world flash by – although I did wonder at some of the place names…
Goodbye Brussels...Amsterdam here I come!Rotterdam – why would you call a place Rotterdam? Okay, some billabongs can get a bit odoriferous at times but I would never call them rotten. (Later Xanthe told me the name’s from the Rotte River, which is one of the rivers the city sits on).

We arrived in Amsterdam soon after leaving Rotterdam and once we had settled into our ‘gasthuis’ (whatever that is) we went walkabout. We visited a house where a girl called Anne stayed during World War Two.
Learning about a girl called Anne and WW2 in Amsterdam There’s that word again! I’m guessing it means house. I didn’t like this house, it made me feel all shivery and sad.

Our next stop was the Van Gogh Museum. This was more to my taste. There were many lovely bright pictures to look at. The Wheatfield pictures ( I saw three) reminded me of home but my favorite was The Sunflowers. The colours were so bright and sunny, I decided Vincent must have been a possum-friendly. We even looked alike! See the resemblance?
Visiting the Van Gogh Museum -Potato Eaters, Yellow House, Sunflower...They're all so interesting

After all those pictures with the outdoors looking so inviting, we decided to get some fresh air and sunshine. It was so long since I had some grass under my feet.
Enjoying the sunshine in VondelparkOkay, not grass – yet! Here I am enjoying some sunshine at Vondelpark. Behind me is trees and grass and places to explore. Its a big park (47 ha) and we were planning to spend some time here so decided to hire bicycles to get around, which was all very well in theory.

doing like the locals and trying some cycling

…uhm guys. Guys! A little help please?

Cycling through Vondelpark with XantheHere I am cycling through Vondelpark with Xanthe. The park is lovely with lots of green grass and trees to climb and little waterholes with birds. The ride was a little bit bumpy but Xanthe is a good cyclist and my tail has excellent grip. I am after all a Ringtail Possum.

Visiting the 'I Amsterdam' signHere I am! Can you see me? I am a train-travelling, jet-setting, bike-riding, globetrotting Ringtailed Possum about to leave Amsterdam. I’m not sure where we’re off to next on this great adventure but I am sure to find out real soon. In the meantime, I am happy just sitting still.


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