Blossom Possum Abroad: To The Top By Many Means

I’m not sure I’d call this sitting still! We left Amsterdam and 8 hours later arrived in Munich! We stayed long enough to do some quick sightseeing.
visiting the fountain in MarienplatzThe Fischbrunnen (or Fish Fountain) in Marienplatz Square is Munich’s oldest fountain. The water is really blue and inviting… it would have been nice to stay and people-watch for a bit, but… we were on the move again! Goodbye Munich.

Another train. This time we're on our way to Lucerne from Munich via ZurichYou guessed it – I’m on yet another train, this time we’re on our way to Lucerne, which Xanthe had to explain was not a paddock of green juicy grass but a city in Switzerland that looks like it fell out of a story book from the library!

Once we had arrived, it didn’t take much to notice the big green scenery – it’s everywhere!
Looking up into the mountains near Mt Pilatus in Switzerland Here I am looking up to the mountains. Xanthe told me to prepare myself for a very big climb to the top Mt Pilatus. I told her not to worry about me, after all I came from Mt Lofty!

As always, Xanthe was right to warn me. The first part of our climb was a boat ride – this time on a lake.
Watching the scenery on the way to Mt Pilatus over the Vierwaldstatter SeeThis is me watching the scenery on the way to Mt Pilatus over the Vierwaldstattersee (which really just means Lake Lucerne, but it sounds good). It’s very pretty and the mountains are getting bigger as we get closer, but I’m still not worried.

 getting to ride up to the summit of Mt Pilatus in Switzerland on the world's steepest cog railwayNot quite a train, but nearly. This is one of the world’s steepest cog railway lines and we get to ride it to go to the top of Mt Pilatus… still not worried.
Going Up! Here I am in the gondola on my way to the top of Mt Pilatus. Okay! I admit it! I’m worried and I’m hanging on tight. We’re barely halfway and that’s as high as I’ve been before (unless you count aeroplanes of course). Clearly it’s a bit bigger than Mt Lofty.
On top of Mt Pilatus in Switzerland 2At the top looking at the Lake. We made it but I have to admit to feeling a little light headed. Xanthe mentioned the word vertigo before, something about giddiness and heights… I get it Xanthe!
On top of Mt Pilatus in SwitzerlandThis view is breath-taking and I can see I am going to have to review my idea of lofty. Am I worried? Um… maybe. There’s still the getting down bit to come. Maybe I’ll just stay a while and catch my breath.
On a gondolas on the way down Mt Pilatus in SwitzerlandWhatever breath I caught is now gone. Here I am coming down from Mt Pilatus. Have you ever noticed how going down is much quicker than going up? Somewhere down there is our next destination. No-one’s saying where – it’s a surprise – except for the bit about trains and boats I think. (I never knew two-legs had so much trouble walking. I guess that’s the one advantage to having four legs, you can share the wear).

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