Blossom Possum Abroad: Book-ended

Where else would a step into Digory’s wardrobe lead me but on a book trail?
So I was only a little bit surprised to see this sign in one of the back streets of Belfast. Of course I had to get a closer look.
Belfast 4I started to feel a little like Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road…
‘Yes Xanthe, I realise the bricks are red …and yes, I do understand this is a wall, but I am after all a Ringtail Possum and climbing is what we possums do.’
Belfast 5I was certain that if I got to the sign, we would all be transported to a library – and everyone needs a library fix!

Belfast 6We arrived at this library in the cultural centre of Belfast. It’s the oldest library in Belfast and the last subscribing library in Northern Ireland. I wasn’t sure what a subscribing library was at first, then Xanthe’s mum told me that people pay to use the library – that it wasn’t free like in South Australia. I must say I was a bit shocked about having to pay to use a library ’cause I don’t have any money (unless gumnuts count), but then Xanthe’s mum explained that the Linen Hall Library uses its money to collect rare Irish and Local Studies materials and hosts many free cultural events. It’s also free to enter (and we did) and the staff are very helpful – I would have to say possum-friendlies!

Belfast 7Here I am checking out the general collection in the Linen Hall Library. All very nice but what I really wanted was something more my age: I am after all a young possum, even if I sound ‘wise beyond my years’  -which is what Mummyposs advised when I left our tree-nook:
‘Travel safely and be wise beyond your years Blossom,’ she said.

Xanthe, her brother and I were very excited when we found the Children’s Library but Xanthe’s mum and dad seemed really excited to find there was a coffee shop right next to it! Guess who went where.
Belfast 8

Although I have been having a great time… looking at all these familiar books and thinking of my Mummyposs was making me feel hungry for home, so I wasn’t too upset when I found myself at the next stop…
Dublin AirportDublin airport. We had begun our trip home. Aer Lingus… what a lovely way to start our trip home with an airline that has a shamrock as its emblem!

Our last stop before arriving at Adelaide Airport is the Dejavu Airport.
‘Not the
Dejavu Airport Blossom!’ said Xanthe. ‘It’s the Dubai Airport!’
‘I’m pretty sure you all said Dejavu Airport.’
‘That just means we’ve seen it before – in French. Trust me, it’s Dubai,’ said Xanthe’s brother.
Dubai AirportHere I am at Dubai Airport heading for home. I’m so excited, I think I’ll take a leaf (and not eat it) out of Dorothy’s book and close my eyes, wiggle my whiskers, curl my tail and say ‘There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place…’
Photo 4-08-2016, 5 05 50 PMIt worked! I opened my eyes to find myself at the front desk of the Gawler Public Library. Amazing!
Photo 4-08-2016, 5 05 38 PM…but then, I always knew that books can transport you any where, any time.

It’s good to be back even though it has been a wonderful trip with Xanthe, her brother Oli and her parents Phil and Melinda.
Kennedy FamilyThey are really wonderful possum-friendlies – the best!
I will miss them but a
fter 4 and a bit months jet-setting plus my early travels down the hills to my adopted library in Gawler, it’s been nearly six months since I first set off from my tree-nook in the Adelaide Hills. Now what I need is a Ringtail Familyposs fix. I need my mummy – for just a bit…

I know you’ll all miss me but don’t worry about me ’cause…
Photo 4-08-2016, 5 06 20 PM(1)…’I’ll be back!’




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