Craft-it! With Crayons This Thursday

This Thursday don’t miss out on the first of our Craft-it! sessions aimed at Primary School aged children.

Researchers from the Michigan State University have found a very strong correlation between childhood engagement in the creative arts and measurable success later in life. It has also been found that when gifted children engage in areas of their giftedness, (utilising both creative and logical thought processes), there is increased electrical activity in both hemispheres of their brain.

Engaging in arts and crafts helps support ‘whole-brain’ development in children because arts and crafts largely utilise the right hemisphere of the brain, while the more supported school subjects of maths, reading and science use the left hemisphere. Benefits of the creative arts to children include:
1. Bilateral and fine-motor coordination
2. Practicing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
3. Opportunities for self-expression giving rise to self-esteem
4. Self-regulation and flexibility
5. A sound foundation for learning in many areas (maths, sciences and culture).

Commencing Tuesday October 25th, regular Craft-it! sessions will be held at the Evanston Gardens Library, 3.30 – 4.00pm. Aimed at Primary School children, the sessions are intended to explore a range of arts and crafts, are free to participate and require no advanced bookings. This Thursday’s School Holiday Craft-it! session (10.30 – 11.30am) in the Reading Room of the Gawler Library, is a great way to try out Craft-it! with crayons. Places are limited for this first session so bookings are required.

Go to or call 8522 9213 to book.


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