Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – B is For Books

B is for books and with the arrival of e-books and e-readers, there have been many ways to get your hands on the newest release or your childhood favourite.  From e-reader apps and social interaction for book lovers, to reading the latest title or cataloguing your own home collection, there are many apps to choose from.  There are also children’s books that have been turned into interactive apps for shared reading.  These e-books for younger readers contain surprises during the book reading and many have the option of listening to the narrated version. They are a lot of fun regardless of your age!  
For many, the act of turning the page and the tactile feel of paper is just something you can’t read without, so e-books are just not for you.  But if you don’t mind jumping into e-books, there’s a huge world of online books for you to explore! Here’s our list of e-reads, interactive books and social apps built just for that…

goodreadsThe Goodreads website and app is a great place to start if you’re looking for a new read.  It’s a community of book lovers that share their passion for reading.  You can find recommendations from Goodreads, join a discussion group or add your friends to see what they’re currently reading and what’s on their to-read list. There are also plenty of reviews for all genres of books to be had.  It’s available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for FREE!
icon175x175iBooks comes as included software with Apple products for reading e-books and PDFs.  The iBook Store is the online side of the app, available to peruse, to search for free and paid titles which include the latest bestseller to Shakespeare’s works. Good settings include the functionality to change the size of the text, colour of the page and ability to create bookmarks to save your spot for later.

itchy-bear-appwrong-book-appThe Wheelbarrow company have produced a few interactive books for children and among them is The Wrong Book and the Itchy Bear Series. These titles, written by Nick Bland, are narrated by Frank Woodley and Angus Sampson respectively.  Both of these are available from the iTunes App Store for $9.99 each, but will provide lots of fun and enjoyment.  

bus-ipad2xThe Wheels on the Bus app by Duck Duck Moose is available for FREE on Google Play/Amazon  for Android and the iTunes App Store.  It has many sounds, songs and interactive surprises on every page for young kids to enjoy.  This company have also released numerous other interactive e-books for these platforms which you can find at the link;

So maybe novels are not your thing and you prefer a good non-fiction read. Or you’ve got a special interest that you’d like to pursue.  There are just as many reference or non-fiction books available to download as there are fiction books.  These could be How-to titles like cooking, mechanics and craft;  or perhaps you prefer learning more about the world around you like religion, biographies and science. Universities now offer their textbooks as an e-book option, replacing physical and heavy text books.

ebooks-australiaE-books Australia is a great place to start.  They have items to download on almost every subject and whilst this is not an app, it does have a mobile site which is great to download books on the go and start reading straight from your e-reader app.  Prices on this site will vary greatly so make sure you check before falling in love with the title.
Follow this link to check it out:

 Fancy yourself an author?  Would you like the opportunity to see your work published?  With the e-book medium, this is not just possible but also simple to do.  There are many apps out there that can assist with the creation and publication of e-books. 

Book Creator
is a FREE app available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, that has everything you need to create your ‘fixed layout’ books.  These types of books contain varied visual accompaniment that enhances the text;  such as Children’s picture books, art books, photographic books, manuals etc.  In addition to the app, their website is a great place to find assistance with webinars, articles, videos and community space to discuss your ideas. The app will publish your book in ePub, which is the usual format but can also publish in video so you can export to Vimeo or YouTube.

Maybe writer’s block is in your way?  Not to worry there is an app called Lists for Writers for $4.49 from the company Thinkamingo. Need an injection to get your creative juices flowing?  This app will supply you with everything from colours to geographical names to physical characteristics of people and place.  It’s available from almost everywhere (iTunes App Store / Google Play / Nook / Amazon for Android / Windows Phone Store / Blackberry) so no-one will miss out.  Link:

 There’s now a whole new world of books available for you to download and read, create and publish and discuss with like-minded people.  Although don’t worry if you’re still a big fan of the physical paper and cardboard variety, they aren’t going anywhere soon. You might own a vacuum cleaner, but you still use the broom… The power blackout we had recently meant the good old book and candlelight was your best bet for riding out the storm without worrying about that blinking battery symbol!

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy  
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