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Balancing your finances was previously a paper affair with trips to your local branch a necessity.  Nowadays technology has made banking available 24/7.  With Christmas just gone and the summer sales upon us, there are many retailers out there vying for your hard earned money.  How do you manage it all.  Many still use good old pen and paper to make a list and carry it with them.  But we all have carry our smartphones on us, so why not take advantage of this. Below we’ve listed apps that some of our staff use and apps that we’ve found that we think could be useful.

Chronicle – iOS $4.99 & Mac $14.99 – this is a great app for just keeping track of your bills. It will require some time to first set it up with your regular bills, their details and usual occurrence rates, but they’ll give you reminders for when they’re due and you can look back to track your spend for each month, quarter and year.  It will also sync the details between your iOS device and your Apple iMac computer so you can check on what’s due wherever you happen to be.  It means you’ll never have to worry about missing a bill.

Pocketbook – FREE iOS & Android – Highly recommended app by many different groups including Business Insider, CNET and Choice magazine.  Everything organised into categories for your daily spend, bills and banking transactions, this app will keep you on track for day to day expenses and how you’re tracking toward your savings goals.  It will send you notifications for bills, encouragement on your saving efforts and gives you a ‘safely spend’ amount so you can grab that coffee on the go without worrying it’s eating into your savings or bill money.


Home Budget – Windows, Mac, iOS $4.99, Android $6.49, Amazon $5.99 – this is another whole finance solution.  It has apps for everything and will sync between multiple different devices, so you’ll always be updated, especially if there’s more than one person doing the finances. Once you’ve added your account information it will update the app details when you make a payment for a bill, grab the shopping or lunch with friends.  Add your bill details and never miss another bill as you’ll always know when they’re due.  If you really want to get your finances in tip top shape, this app will give you the opportunity to create reports to get a better understanding of how you’re tracking toward your savings goals or if you’re paying too much for that electricity bill.

There are many, many more apps to help you control your spending, pay your bills and track your savings goals available to download.  If the above apps are too involved for your liking or you’ve already got a system that works then we’ve listed some of the current (Australian) bank owned apps you can download from your specific app stores.  These apps are designed to give you a quick overview of your account balances, transfer funds between your accounts or externally, pay bills or contact someone from the institution for help with your banking needs.  They are a quick way to keep up to date while you’re on the go.  These apps use strict logins that require set up in conjunction with your banking institution so that your data is kept safe.  Some of the following apps may also make a version of their apps for wearable devices like the Samsung Gear or Apple Watch.


Many banks have now developed their own specific apps for their customers to gain easy access to their accounts on the go.

CommBank – iOS & Android –

ANZ GoMoney – iOS & Android –

NAB –  iOS, Android & Windows Phone Store –

Bendigo Bank – iOS & Android –

You can also try People’s Choice (iOS & Android) and Westpac Mobile Banking  (iOS, Android & Windows Phone Store)

However you maintain your finances I hope we’ve shown you some new, interesting or convenient ways to keep track of your hard earned dollars and maybe you’ve got something you use that you could share with others.

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy



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