Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – Dress (aka Fashion)

Previously in this series we have covered Online Shopping, but here we will talk more about the apps we use for FASHION! (the buying, styling, storing and caring for our wardrobe contents). It has become so easy to get out your mobile device when checking for anything these days and finding the latest season’s dress, boots or even underwear is just as easy!
So, many companies have created apps to complement their online stores to cater to their customers’ needs.  Some of these companies are online only stores like Australian/New Zealand brand The Iconic (  They’ve been a growing online fashion outlet for five years and are all about providing easy, fashion forward options from all over the world right to the palm of your hand.  ModCloth ( is an online space where you can find style and décor from independent designers with a fashion fits all mentality.  Based in the United States they do ship internationally and have been around for 14 years. They have a great online community atmosphere where customers can provide information regarding colour, fit and feel for other customers and a place to post a selfie in your new outfit.  
is like a social media platform for fashion loving people.  It provides a place to purchase fabulous new goodies and a like-minded community of fashionistas to share your outfit creations with.  
There are also apps created for physical stores to create more opportunities for customers to find a bargain utilising loyalty club benefits for app users.  An Australian brand; Review ( has done just that with their loyalty app that sends you notifications for sales, special loyalty deals and updates on new stock added to their collections.  Myer ( does this also with their MyerOne app for club members.  It provides customers opportunities to keep track of loyalty points and the ability to send accrued points to family and friends for them to use in their accounts.  
Victoria’s Secret is now a mix of physical and online stores but has an app available to customers through the Apple App Store and Google Play ( or ), giving customers the space to search through their latest additions to their collections regardless of their location; on the couch, during their lunch break or the train to work!   There’s also a sneak peek into what goes into creating the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with exclusive pictures and information.  The app utilises a loyalty membership functionality to give members latest in-store/online deals, app-only deals and the ability to keep track of gift cards. 
Our Aussie department stores have got in on the action too with
Big W ( /  ) and Target ( creating apps for their customers with great features like store details, current catalogues to view and store maps meaning you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 
So you’ve bought your items and now you can’t remember if you’ve still got those red shoes that will go perfectly with that new dress on it’s way.  That’s where great apps like Stylebook ( come in handy.  Use the item’s photo from the store or take your own when the item arrives, then complete the form with brand, colour and price and continue with the rest of your wardrobe collection.  There’s a video to assist with any queries and you can plan your outfits into a calendar, which is really helpful when you’re planning a trip and want to keep the packing to a minimum.  Keep track of anything from dresses to dance shoes to hats and  harem pants.  It’ll have you getting ready in the morning without stressing about what to wear. 
After all that shopping, outfit creation and sorting of your wardrobe contents, what you need now is a good lie down with some great inspiration!  Through the library you have access to many fashion magazines to peruse on your mobile device or computer/laptop using Zinio (  You’ll need your library membership number and pin to access the content, but then there are many magazines to choose from to get your next fabulous outfit inspiration, maybe for the upcoming Adelaide Cup Day. 
Do you have any fashion apps you love?  Got something you think is a bargain finder or makes getting ready a breeze?  Let us know in the comments section so others can benefit from your find!
Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy



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