Tech Savvy – A-Z of Apps: Education (Learning Apps)

Gone are the days when all learning consisted of paper, pencils and being in a classroom environment.  Whilst learning has been occurring outside the classroom for quite some time, our digital revolution has meant learning outside the classroom can be assisted without the need of textbooks, pens and paper.  Using your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, is a great way to learn while you’re on the move.  For every age there are apps available to pique your attention and teach you something. Preschool aged children have a huge amount of apps dedicated to their learning of the alphabet, language, numeracy, colours etc.  Primary school children apps are geared towards assisting with their school education that are subject-centric like maths practice, writing assistance, science themed apps; and ways for schools to interact with their students and parents through educational apps.

High school students benefit from the plethora of organisational apps created to assist keeping track of due dates, required reading, notes and more with the many subjects they undertake.  Many schools have now created their own apps for students to keep track of their schedules, parents to keep track of school expectations and be able to communicate with teachers.  Then there are the apps for adult education which can vary enormously.  If you’ve thought of a subject you’d like to know about, there’s probably an app for it and there are plenty of ‘brain trainers’ whether you agree on their efficacy or not.  Languages, Space, Chess, Paper Airplanes, Piano, Code, Maths, Driver Knowledge, Dinosaurs, Sign Language, Anatomy, Geography and the list goes on! There are also many apps which give you the ability to create flash cards so you can practice your newly acquired knowledge wherever you are.

Below are some apps of note from Library staff…
My Incredible Body – (US website redirects to US app stores with US pricing) – $38.99 AU Whilst this app is on the pricier side, it has won many awards and is available for iOS, Google Play, Surface, PC and Apple Mac. The animations are medically accurate 3D models and animations of anatomical structures which give the viewer a fun way to learn about anatomy and how the body functions. The content of the app includes – Brain and nerves, Digestion, Lungs and air, Bones of the skeleton, Kidneys and urine, Seeing, Swallowing, Digesting, Breathing and smelling, Muscles, Circulation and the heart, Puberty and human reproduction. If you’re interested in better understanding your body or you have a budding medical professional in your house, it may be worth investing in an app like this.  You could also add it to your wish list on your app store and keep an eye on the price, you never know, it may go on special!

Geo Atlas – FREE! On the opposite end of the spectrum we have a free app for learning your geography that has proven to be a fun way to get your head around countries, place names, iconic sights and landmarks around the globe.  Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play, there is a paid feature to unlock all the levels as the original download only gives you a basic couple of levels.  It’s entertaining and engaging for children and (some) adults and if you’re interested in learning more about geography or you’re going overseas with young people and want to get them more involved this may be a just the ticket…

Quick Math+ / Fractions / Clocks – – Available on iPhone or iPad for various pricing, but can be bought in packs to save money (Only iTunes App Store). Here is an award winning and simple way for students to practice their maths skills and keep track of their progress.  It’s also a good way for adults to refresh their skills.  The app is especially good for homework practice when younger students are introduced to basic maths concepts like fractions and telling the time at school.

So are you looking to brush up on your geography, maths, science, languages or paper aeroplane aerodynamics?  Or do you have school aged children that need a little extra practice at home?  There are so many apps out there that you will no doubt find something for you in the links below.  Have you found an amazing app that you’re learning from at the moment?  Let us know so we can share the knowledge!
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Google Play Education category
Windows Phone Store Education category –

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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