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So in a previous post we discussed the Online Library and ways you can use your library card from wherever you are.  In this post we will tell you more about the online digital subscriptions that Gawler Library and the Public Library Services of SA pay for, to allow free and easy online access for our customers.
Lynda Library – 
We have spoken about Lynda Library before, but we’ve just been told that you can now access the Lynda Library from your smartphone device via an app that’s just been added to our subscription.
 So whether you’re looking at learning about Marketing, Photography, Video, Web design, Audio+Music, Business topics, CAD or IT development this will make it even easier than before to get all the knowledge on your chosen subject! Once you’ve downloaded your app, go to the Organisation tab and enter then Log in.  This will redirect you to a browser window where you can enter your Library Barcode and PIN to authorise Lynda Library for your app.
Ancestry Library Edition – []
Here in the library, Ancestry is a popular resource that many family history buffs take advantage of.  This resource is great for people wanting to follow their family history from Australia, using our own records, then overseas through the United States and the United Kingdom. It gives you access to many genealogical resources from those countries with some Australian, Canadian and European coverage.  The types of records you can access are census, church, court, immigration and vital. You will however need to come into a library to use this resource as it is designated for our public use computers. For further answers about using this database click this link –
Carter’s Price Guide to Antiques –
This is a resource that the Gawler Public Library have organised for our customers to use.  A database containing over 90, 000 items including art antiquities, antiques, collectables, retro itemised, vintage and 20th century designs.  Do you have some items passed down from Great Granny?  Maybe a shed full of Grandpa’s childhood collectables?  This will be a great way to search through those little items and see what significance they have and if they have any value, apart from the sentimental, obviously!
Computer School is another resource that has been organised and paid for by the Gawler Public Library for our customers.  This works a little like Lynda Library but with a focus on IT skills.  There are two components of this resource, the Technology Training Directory and MyTECHlopedia.  The Technology Training Directory contains thousands of lessons and tutorials that cover many different topics for children to adults on various skill levels.  You only need to use your library barcode to access all these lessons whatever they happen to be. Maybe you’re looking for a a definition of a word you’ve heard or need to know for a school project or work. This is where the My TECHlopedia comes in handy.  This glossary of tech terms contains over 200,000 explanations and links for you to get your head around the ever changing vocabulary in the IT world. It is kept up to date regularly so you can be assured that you’re not using older jargon.
So go ahead and check out the links above to see how we can help you with our online subscriptions.
Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy
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