A-Z Apps Series – Fun and Games

So in our A-Z of Apps series we’ve reached F and that can only mean FUN!  It’s time to look at the fun apps you can download on your device, of which there are literally hundreds, if not thousands! Some of the most popular that the staff here in the library can think of, are puzzle games like Solitaire, Hearts and Sudoku or more video game types like Fruit Ninja, Pokemon, and of course there’s Angry Birds in all it’s forms, Star Wars especially.

The Australian government have created many apps (http://www.australia.gov.au/news-and-social-media/apps), with a few that are for fun.  Although these are secretly educational, they are developed using historical data from Government bodies such as Australian Bureau of Statistics and Murray Darling Basin Authority, they’re actually quite fun! Run that Town (iOS iTunes App Store – http://runthattown.abs.gov.au/), Run the River (iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – https://www.mdba.gov.au/education/students/apps) and Triple Zero Kids Challenge (iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – http://kids.triplezero.gov.au/) are all free apps.

Run that Town gives players the opportunity to try their hand at being the newly elected Mayor of your very own town.  Using real Australian Postal codes to play any town in Australia, you can make the decisions about whether you build a new skate park, cinema, statue, park or offices.  You get hundreds of projects to choose from and you will receive feedback from your constituents about how they feel regarding your leadership choices.  The game won’t keep you hooked forever but it is fun for awhile, especially when you get to see the regular newspaper articles and the amusing headlines.

Run the River is about an important river region and you have got to decide how to keep everyone from the plants and animals to the people, farms and towns that live along the banks thriving, despite challenges provided by historical data from the Murray Darling Basin Authority.  In Australia, water is a scarce commodity and when you’re trying to share this around, you still need to keep it flowing and connected to the ocean. This game also links with outcomes from the Australian Geography and Science Curricula, which means it can be used in classrooms for teaching in a fun way.

The Australian Government created the app; Triple Zero Challenge especially for young primary school children to help them understand emergency situations.  The Triple Zero Kids Challenge is available on mobile devices (iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play) and your desktop PC for free. It runs through a story with two characters showing the participants what to do in an emergency.

Puzzle games are plentiful on all the different app stores.  You can choose so many different ways to play your old favourites of Hearts, Solitaire, Sudoku and more.  There are iterations of our favourite puzzle apps created for words like; Words with Friends – a social version of scrabble (FREE iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – https://www.zynga.com/games/words-friends);

Typeshift – letter-flipping word fun (FREE iOS iTunes App Store only – http://www.playtypeshift.com/);

4 Pics 1 Word – find the hidden word in the four images (FREE iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – http://lotum.com/en/our-apps/); Word Searches and many, many more!

Some of the more video game type apps are; Angry Birds in all it’s forms from the original to Rio and Star Wars (FREE & Paid versions – iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – https://www.rovio.com/games/angry-birds);

Where’s My Water? and many others from Disney (FREE & Paid versions – iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – http://games.disney.com.au/wheres-my-water-app);

Pokémon Go (FREE – iOS iTunes App Store – http://www.pokemongo.com/en-au/);

The Sims FreePlay (FREE & Paid versions – iOS iTunes App Store & Google Play – https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-freeplay); not to mention the plethora of war and strategy games on offer.

There are endless choices from all the app stores for ways for you to have fun on your devices. What’s your guilty pleasure?  Have a favourite addiction you can’t stay away from?

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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