Tech Savy: A-Z Apps Series – Health Apps

There are so many apps around now that cater to improving or maintaining your health.  In this post we’ll be talking about the apps that are available for physical and mental health.  Are you a FitBit user?  Or part of the Nike+ Run Club?  Or do you prefer a more sedate exercise like Yoga?

Then there are apps which collate all the information from various sources on your device to give you an overall picture of your health.  Would you like to create some music to help tune out the world and regain your sense of calm?  Do you have a medical condition or disability that requires you to keep track of medications, events or details?  Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation where you wished you could refer to something for medical/emergency information?  The following list we’ve compiled has details and links to many apps we’ve either found helpful ourselves or that we think you may find useful for when you’re on the go on your device.

FitBit – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Works with your FitBit devices to measure your activity and provide detailed information for you to track your progress throughout the day and over longer periods of time. Free app but requires purchased devices.

Nike+ Run Club
– ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Social app environment to encourage you to meet your running goals with stats, progress information and personalised coaching tips. There are also regular challenges promoted to get people participating together for comparison and competition.

St John Ambulance – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Boasting to have over 125 years of First Aid research, experience and knowledge built into this app, for users to access when they really need it.  Available for free and updated late last year with new information about bites and stings. It’s a great app to have on your phone and hopefully you’ll never need it.

Relax Melodies – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Promoted as a great way to practice mindfulness and to relax your body and mind into a more restful sleep, there are many options for you to create your perfect relaxing mix of sounds and music.  You can also peruse the list of ready-made meditations, ready for you to use. Very well rated for both the Android and Apple versions, with a free download available with paid upgrade options.

Yoga Studio – ( – Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store, Amazon and Windows 10 — Created and performed by a qualified instructor, this app has great reviews across all platforms and is also available on the newest iteration of the AppleTV.  Played in full HD and once downloaded, the videos are stored on your device which means anywhere you feel the desire to break out the downward dog, is your yoga studio.  Individual poses, ready made classes and calendar syncing all in the app to really individualise your experience.

Health Direct – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — This app has been created to provide better access to managing your health needs.  You can check your symptoms, find a health service and get trusted health information using the different parts of the app.  It is also very helpful in an emergency with the ability to to display latitude and longitude coordinates to assist with communicating with emergency services. Available as a free download from both platforms.

Indigenous Health & Welfare Statistics / OzWelfare / OzHealth – ( These are only available from the Apple iTunes store. — The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare have introduced three apps as a reference tool for people working in the welfare, indigenous and health sector.  It provides statistics for population life expectancy, births, deaths, health and medical research, spending on medicines, lifestyle factors and more.  Available as a free download.

Children with ASD & Disability
– ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Created by the Raising Children Website as a free download to assist families and carers with access to funding, services and support for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other disabilities.  Parent videos and contacts directory are also available to make this app a great reference tool.

Express Plus Centrelink & Express Plus Medicare – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — An all in one app for all the business you have with Centrelink or Medicare to update your details, access information and their range of services.

– ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Created as a free download by National Prescribing Service MedicineWise for tracking the medicines you use.  This is a great resource for parents, carers and those who have multiple medications.  You can check what the medicine is for, how much to use and when to use it.  Record your health information, share you list with healthcare professionals and set reminders for when you should be taking your medicines. 

My Quit Buddy – ( – Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store and Windows Phone Store — This is an app create by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency as a free download for people who are looking to quit their smoking habits.  It contains helpful tips, tracking systems to show progress towards your quit goals, distractions to counteract cravings and facts all designed to assist the user to quit permanently. 

National Relay Service (Deaf)
– ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — This app is free for smartphones and tablets and a world-first for the deaf community when accessing relay calls and support functionality in one app.  Different call options are available and use the data allowance attached to the device using the app.  There is also a link to the National Relay Service website for further information.

Allen Adventure – ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store (on iPad only) — Safe and Supportive School Communities Project from the Queensland Government working with all Australian Educational authorities, available as a free download on tablet devices.  Designed to be an educational and safe way for children to deal with the topic of harassment, bullying and violence and what to do if they’re involved or a bystander to that behaviour. 

Pickle app
– ( – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Shelter SA created this free app with funding from a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, Community Benefit SA grant.  This app is for young people who find themselves at risk of being homeless or in an unsafe situation and require urgent assistance.  This app will connect you to your nearest possible service organisation to get the assistance you need.  For more information go to the website. 

So that’s by no means an exhaustive list of available apps, you may find something of use to get you moving or organised with your health.  Let us know what great apps you have that are health related.

 Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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