Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – Justice & Law

So it may not be the most interesting stop in our A-Z Apps, or it may be just what you are looking for. Knowing your rights and responsibilities are a necessity and knowing where to start is sometimes the key to staying aware. The following apps have been compiled for those who are seeking legal assistance, general information or are currently involved in the legal profession.

Legal Aid SA – (  Need legal advice? Would you like clarification on something? You can access many fact sheets and brochures with instant contact to the offices across Australia. Created by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia and available for free for Android.

ATO – (  The Australian Taxation Office has made available a convenient way to access and keep track of your tax and super. Keep up-to-date with your self-managed super fund trustee, small business taxation information or personal tax. Available from Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store and Microsoft Windows Phone Store.

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AusLII) – ( is the official app released by the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and gives you access to Australia’s most popular online legal resource from the convenience of your mobile device.  Containing data from over 140 courts, tribunals and boards from all over every Australian State and Territory.  The app will optimise documentation from the website to fit your device’s screen and give you the option to email directly from the app. Available from Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store.

ACCC Shopper App – ( The Australian Competition Consumer Commission has a great resource if you’re looking to find out what your consumer rights are when you’re out shopping.  You can set reminders for warranties, store your receipts for your purchases for ease of reference and get answers to all your purchase FAQs. Available from  Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store.

ABC – Law Report Podcasts – ( This is available by whichever app you use on your device that provides you with podcast subscriptions.  Varying discussions from the radio program on ABC Radio.

Constitution of Australia –  This contains full text of the updated Australian Constitution from the revised reprint of 2012. It  also has reference material for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ recognition in the Constitution.

…And as always, we have a Justice of the Peace available at the Gawler Sport & Community Centre every Thursday and Saturday from 10:30-12:30.  No need to book an appointment, just come in and see the front desk and they’ll direct you through to the Justice of the Peace on duty.

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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