Recent Additions: Diversity and Inclusion

Each year in March, people around Australia “celebrate our cultural diversity by living the Harmony Week message everyone belongs”. This month’s Recent Additions will focus on items new to our libraries that support this message of inclusivity.

Australia Day by Melanie Cheng is the Adult Fiction winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards for 2018. This is a collection of short stories, that explore diverse Australian characters whether they are Chinese or Muslim, young or old, rich or poor. As the blurb says, the common thread is “the desire we all share to feel that we belong”.

Author, Alice Pung describes this as “a wonderful book, a book with bite.” While Michelle Wright says “Melanie Cheng’s stories are a deep dive into the diversity of humanity. They lead you into lives, into hearts, into unexplored places, and bring you back transformed.”

Follow this link to read more about this fresh new writer.

Set in Japan and Taiwan Plum Rains is the story of a Filipino nurse that is both science fiction and historical fiction. This is not only a book about people, but how World War 1 and Japanese colonialism have left a legacy upon the culture.

In our Children’s Fiction collection you can find a short 48 page story of a 14 year old Palm Island girl whose Aunty and Uncle have helped to get her to a mainland boarding school. Two Ways Strong is full of authentic voices, Aboriginal, Islander, and non-indigenous, all sharing their stories. Read a
review of the book by clicking on the link.

Another title that has just hit our shelves in the Teen Non-Fiction, is a collection of short stories edited by Amra Pajalic and Demet Divaroren. Growing up Muslim in Australia introduces us to twelve widely diverse Australians, from boxer to lawyer, and beauty queen, all of whom have grown up Muslim. This book explodes stereotypes as it explores gender, faith, family, careers and all the influences that shape identity.

Two Recently Arrived DVD’s that can be found in our Civic Centre Library are: Nyoongar Footy Magic and Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy

This Nyoongar Footy Magic series uses interviews and game footage to tell the story of how the “Nyoongar people mastered Australian Rules football and used it as a way to build respect, pride and employment for their people.”
Watch the trailer of this series below.

Westwind is described by Nick Cave on the cover blurb as “A haunting and important film about one man’s heroic quest to keep the ancient knowledge of his culture alive, through the power of song” .
Watch the trailer below

We hope you find some something in our libraries to enjoy celebrating diversity and inclusivity this month. Don’t forget you can access our catalogue to find or place holds on any of the titles mentioned above by clicking the link on the title name.


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