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What’s Your Dewey? 629.28 Driving Me To Distraction!

Next Week’s Start-up Mondays presentation on staying safe on the roads (presented by SAPOL), got me thinking about books that may have been written on the topic.

My first catalogue search on the topic ‘Driver Education’ yielded just one title Young drivers and road safety edited by Justin Healey. An Australian publication, it addresses the topic of young driver safety as a Social Issue (and consequently places the title in both the 360s and 629.28). The book states that despite an increase in Driver education in our schools, young people have a higher representation in road accidents and fatalities than any other group.  This book presents the latest attitudes, statistics and reports on road safety in Australia and examines the risk behaviours of young drivers. Aimed at educating young people and learner drivers, it contains a range of factsheet-style advice on how to avoid risks and increase personal road safety awareness.

Driver Distraction: Theory, Effects, and Mitigation edited by Michael A. Regan, John D. Lee, Kristie Young outlines the underlying theory of distraction, its effects on driving performance and safety, and strategies for mitigating these effects. It considers major sources of distraction both inside and outside the vehicle (communication devices and driver support systems); reviews factors that mediate the effects of distraction (age and driver experience); and outlines ergonomic guidelines, for minimizing driver distraction. Aimed at those working in transport related industries, the book provides some valuable insights for any driver interested in personal safety. You can preview the book here:

Behavioural Adaptation and Road Safety: Theory, Evidence and Action, edited by Christina Rudin-Brown & Samantha Jamson, looks at the impact ageing has on drivers and the way changes to automobile and road engineering have impacted on driver safety for this group. A team of international experts in the field of transportation related behaviour sciences, address the issue of driver characteristics and the way they adapt to changes in their physical acumen, road conditions and vehicular developments. The book aims to provide easy-to-understand solutions for road safety intervention design. With a target audience of researchers and academics, this book is available through Google books in print and ebook format.

Be a confident driver by John Henderson.
Suitable for almost every motorist, it covers not only the basics but includes advanced driving techniques, and introduces mental strategies such as observation. Techniques for practical driving examples include bad weather driving and breakdowns, and tips for driving on rural roads, motorways and urban roads. The book includes supporting resources and further reading, and is designed as a motorist’s companion.

How to Drive: The Ultimate Guide – from the Man Who Was The Stig by Ben Collins
Former Top Gear star Ben Collins uses his extensive experience and knowledge to ‘tell you all of the things you didn’t learn on your [driving] test’ With wit and wisdom backed by illustrations and thought-provoking anecdotes, skills described include skid control and gear changes that top racing drivers take for granted. ‘The ultimate book for anyone who wants to be better at something they do every day of their life’.

Road safety by Christie Marlowe is a U.S.A. publication that attempts to alert children to the dangers of inattentive or inappropriate road use. The four sections of the book include real life examples of road safety issues, information on what makes roads dangerous and suggestions for staying safe on and around roads.  Preview here:


Driverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead by Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman.
Although driving is often routinely repetitive and reactive (something robotics is known to excel at), it is also unpredictable and ‘commands complex social communication between other drivers and pedestrians'(chapter 1). These qualities alone make the task of designing driver-less cars difficult and challenging – software is not yet capable of responding as quickly and often seamlessly to unpredictable situations as the human brain (despite our want for distraction). The book points out that the development of software that can provide reliable artificial perception is still some time away, however there is a clear indication that anyone, at any time, could make that leap that not only makes the driver-less car more universally possible, it makes it likely. You can preview the book here:
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Big Library Read is back again

The Big Library Read is on again. From June 13 to 27th there are unlimited copies of the eBook The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict available for you to borrow through Overdrive at

the other einstein

Tech Savvy – The Online Library

Are you a busy parent with a to-do list that means little time for browsing the library? Are you a shift worker? Is there a book you’d like to put on hold, but can’t seem to find the time to get to the library and ask?  There are a few ways you can ‘visit’ us at the Gawler Public Library without ever setting foot into the library.  You can use your computer or laptop at home to login to our web catalogue to add, suspend or cancel holds, create lists, renew your loans and update your preferences or PIN if you need to. This means whenever you are free, be it 6am, lunchbreak or when the kids are in bed and the house is finally quiet, you can check your account and browse the catalogue. Go to:

There is also our library app BookMyne, which gives you, the library customer, the opportunity to access your account and add family member accounts so you can keep track of your library activities. Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play to download for free. Follow this link to learn more:

We also have e-books and e-audiobooks available through the catalogue or by using two apps available to download for free from iTunes App Store and Google Play, so you just may find something you can download and enjoy right away! For more information click through on the link below:

We have a wide range of magazines available here at the library and you can browse our online catalogue to find even more from other SA library services.  They will be delivered to your library of choice  and remember you can return them to any public library in South Australia when you’re done! So as part of your next road trip prep make sure you get online and reserve some reading material for your journey! If you’re not quite organised or you’re off interstate, you can use our online subscription service Zinio for Libraries. You’ll need to set up an account using your library card barcode, but it only takes a few moments then you’re ready to browse through many titles from here and overseas, to read on your device wherever you may be.  Access here:

LyndaLibrary is one of the excellent subscription services arranged by Libraries SA for all of the public library users in South Australia.  It has a great range of over 3000 courses with hundreds of videos to assist your learning.  Latest commercial software, creative and business skills are all available through, with courses that cover topics such as business management, leadership, marketing, multimedia, design, web development and more.
FAQ and how to login:

So your little old library card can give you access to so much in our libraries throughout South Australia and wherever you are using any of our great online subscription services!

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – Dress (aka Fashion)

Previously in this series we have covered Online Shopping, but here we will talk more about the apps we use for FASHION! (the buying, styling, storing and caring for our wardrobe contents). It has become so easy to get out your mobile device when checking for anything these days and finding the latest season’s dress, boots or even underwear is just as easy!
So, many companies have created apps to complement their online stores to cater to their customers’ needs.  Some of these companies are online only stores like Australian/New Zealand brand The Iconic (  They’ve been a growing online fashion outlet for five years and are all about providing easy, fashion forward options from all over the world right to the palm of your hand.  ModCloth ( is an online space where you can find style and décor from independent designers with a fashion fits all mentality.  Based in the United States they do ship internationally and have been around for 14 years. They have a great online community atmosphere where customers can provide information regarding colour, fit and feel for other customers and a place to post a selfie in your new outfit.  
is like a social media platform for fashion loving people.  It provides a place to purchase fabulous new goodies and a like-minded community of fashionistas to share your outfit creations with.  
There are also apps created for physical stores to create more opportunities for customers to find a bargain utilising loyalty club benefits for app users.  An Australian brand; Review ( has done just that with their loyalty app that sends you notifications for sales, special loyalty deals and updates on new stock added to their collections.  Myer ( does this also with their MyerOne app for club members.  It provides customers opportunities to keep track of loyalty points and the ability to send accrued points to family and friends for them to use in their accounts.  
Victoria’s Secret is now a mix of physical and online stores but has an app available to customers through the Apple App Store and Google Play ( or ), giving customers the space to search through their latest additions to their collections regardless of their location; on the couch, during their lunch break or the train to work!   There’s also a sneak peek into what goes into creating the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with exclusive pictures and information.  The app utilises a loyalty membership functionality to give members latest in-store/online deals, app-only deals and the ability to keep track of gift cards. 
Our Aussie department stores have got in on the action too with
Big W ( /  ) and Target ( creating apps for their customers with great features like store details, current catalogues to view and store maps meaning you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 
So you’ve bought your items and now you can’t remember if you’ve still got those red shoes that will go perfectly with that new dress on it’s way.  That’s where great apps like Stylebook ( come in handy.  Use the item’s photo from the store or take your own when the item arrives, then complete the form with brand, colour and price and continue with the rest of your wardrobe collection.  There’s a video to assist with any queries and you can plan your outfits into a calendar, which is really helpful when you’re planning a trip and want to keep the packing to a minimum.  Keep track of anything from dresses to dance shoes to hats and  harem pants.  It’ll have you getting ready in the morning without stressing about what to wear. 
After all that shopping, outfit creation and sorting of your wardrobe contents, what you need now is a good lie down with some great inspiration!  Through the library you have access to many fashion magazines to peruse on your mobile device or computer/laptop using Zinio (  You’ll need your library membership number and pin to access the content, but then there are many magazines to choose from to get your next fabulous outfit inspiration, maybe for the upcoming Adelaide Cup Day. 
Do you have any fashion apps you love?  Got something you think is a bargain finder or makes getting ready a breeze?  Let us know in the comments section so others can benefit from your find!
Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy


Tech Savvy: Audiobooks (Physical and Virtual)


Driving holiday coming up? Long commute to work? Gardening need doing? Have you ever thought of listening to an audiobook while you’re getting it all done? There are so many titles available: the latest fiction best seller; historical investigation; biography – not to mention the great range of kids titles sure to keep your little ones enthralled on long car trips.

If you’re at home or in the car you’ve probably got access to a CD player which is the perfect way to use the Audiobook collection at the library.  On the go? Then the Overdrive app is the way to go. Download the app, navigate through the setup process, input your library details and you’re all set to download some new titles.

new audio books for blog postSo, there are three ways you can listen to audiobooks by using your library card:

  • Visit us at Evanston Gardens Library on Angle Vale Road, Evanston Gardens or our mini library at the Sport & Community Centre on Nixon Terrace in Gawler to peruse our interesting collection of titles on CD and Playaway
  • Search our online catalogue and reserve an audiobook to be picked up at any public library in South Australia –
  • Download the OverDrive app from the SA Public Library website to your device then download titles onto for your computer, tablet or phone – 

Overdrive for blog

Then you can simply tune out
…on your way home from work on the train to the latest fiction thriller
…or listen to a funny memoir while you’re doing chores
…or entertain the kids on a long drive with some funny tales from Roald Dahl.

You’ll also discover a familiar voice or two when you switch on, as many well known actors have lent their voices to reading audiobooks.  Kate Winslet reads Matilda, Stephen Fry reads the Harry Potter series while Kenneth Branagh and Miranda Richardson read other children’s classics.  Some authors like to read for their audiobook version, so you could hear the story read exactly as the author intended it to sound.  Audiobooks may have sound effects and a full cast of readers, sounding much like the detective stories performed during the golden days of radio.

The narrators have avid listeners too, with some appearing on a series of audiobooks like Stig Wemyss does with many Paul Jennings titles and Stephanie Daniels reads many of the Miss Fisher audiobooks written by Kerry Greenwood.
They’re well known to their audiences and can have the same effect as an author’s name on a title, in that they contribute to the appeal of an audiobook with their name attached to it.

Audio Book For Macro Monday Flickr Group Theme Hobby or Hobbies June 7, 2010 I really wanted to do something photography related as I am seemingly obsessed with the subject; but, the assignment here was meant to show us something about each other that we didn't necessarily know. So I chose to do something based on a 'hobby' of sorts that I enjoy a lot. I have a reasonably long commute, approximately 1 and 1/2 hours a day between the trip to work and the trip home. I find the chitter chatter on the radio occasionally interrupted by songs a bit annoying so I skip it. I have never been a huge reader; but I have found this commute to be a perfect time to 'read'. In the past 5 or 6 years I have accumulated over 100 audible audio books and have really enjoyed the break from the radio. If you haven't tried audio books, and you have a time when you can't read but listening would work for you give it a try. -- I finally got a proper macro lens :) but for the life of me couldn't think of a way to esprss this concept in a true macro form.... perhaps next week I will be able to make a true macro using the themes concept --
Looking for some screen-free time, but want to do something as a family? Listening to audiobooks as a family or group activity means when the book is done you can discuss plot lines, interesting characters, unexpected twists or share funny parts of the story with one another.  Audiobooks give parents an opportunity to discover a new book or series with their children/teens and the opportunity to help them understand themes or characters in the book.  Parents will also discover that teen and children’s books are not just for teens and children. They are very engaging for listeners of any age with intriguing characters, complex storylines and touching moments to discover. Road trip with the family? We have heard from many audiobook listeners that regardless of how long the drive is, every passenger will sit silently, wanting to hear the next sentence, paragraph or chapter. To find titles you might enjoy and share, follow this link: 

Whatever your fancy, come into Evanston Gardens and check out what we have on our shelves or jump online and see what OverDrive offers.  You never know, you may actually start looking forward to your weekly chores… or not.

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy