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School Holiday Program

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What’s Your Dewey? 331 Careers – A future of your own design.

It’s the time of year when, across Australia, thousands of students will be leaving school and hitting the job market. It is also the time of year when many Australians are considering their employment options for 2018. Finding work is never easy, but finding meaningful work that adequately suits both your needs and desires is almost unattainable for many.

The Careers Handbook: The Graphic Guide to finding the perfect job for you, ed. Richard Gilbert is a great, all-round guide to working out what sort of careers are out there, what the pre-requisites for them are and if, in fact, they are suited to the job seeker. Although it is aimed at school-leavers, its currency, breadth of cover and ease of use is a great asset to any job hunter. 15 career categories are colour coded for easy identification and dealt with comprehensively. The book provides career paths in each industry and individual careers have a double page spread that include job description, skills guide and related careers. You can look inside here:

How to find work you love : the ethical careers guide
by Paul Allen 
aims to provide readers with the skills needed to approach finding that meaningful, perfect job. Organised as a stepped guide, the book helps readers identify their passions and understand their options in the current job market. Tips and advice from experts are included as are testimonials from those who have successfully found their perfect job. Although the book has a strong bias toward the UK work environment, the book is very easy to follow with a clean, attractive layout.
You can visit the website here:

What color is your parachute? : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers
by Richard N. Bolles 
is considered the #1 career search guide in the world, with over 10 million copies sold.  A very comprehensive title that includes practical exercises to assist job seekers in finding a suitable career. Anecdotally, the origin of the title is from a conversation where, in response to ‘I’m fed up with this job – I’m going to bail out?’,  Bolles replied ‘What color is your parachute?’  The first edition was published in 1970, and with each subsequent edition, Bolles has meticulously researched and updated all content. The latest edition is no exception, highlighting how the job market has changed in a digital world and how job seekers should aim to respond. The 2018 edition is likely the last by author Richard Bolles,who died  earlier this year aged 90.

Of course Dewey being an exacting classification tool, books on a multiplicity of careers will be found in the various Dewey subject areas: Actor or musician? Look to performing arts; Scientist or Doctor? You guessed it – the sciences. A great series that covers all of these diverse career options is You get paid for that?














Unusual and awesome jobs using... Science, or Technology, or Math or Sport are the current titles in this fascinating small series. Careers such as Cryptologist, Food Taster, Human Lie Detector and Roller Coaster Designer are just a few examples of some of the careers considered in this entertaining and informative series aimed at children and young teens.

Secretly…the  truth is, I got some inspiration as well… but then this is true of looking more closely at all of these guides. Clearly, it’s always time to re-evaluate and look outside the box when job hunting.

2017 Short Story Competition Winners

Commended –

The Breath of Air by Angelia Varelias

You can read the winning entry here:  The Breath of Air


2017 Short Story Competion Winners jpeg

2017 Short Story Competition Winners

3rd Place –
Free Kingdom by Rebekah Bowman
You can read the winning entry here: Free Kingdom

2017 Short Story Competion Winners jpeg


2017 Short Story Competition Winners



2nd Place –

Sidra by Francie Heinsen

You can read the winning entry here: Sidra


2017 Short Story Competion Winners jpeg