Writing Competitions

2016 Gawler Poetry Competition

Junior Section First Place Identity Poem
(Through the eyes of a person with Dementia) by Eden Smyth
Second Place A New Page by Alexandra Goodwin
Third Place Mirror Me Inside by Lauren Cugley
Highly Commended Levi by Levi Nusbajtel and Logan by Logan Hunte
Youth Section First Place The Imprint of Humanity by Brooklyn Thomas
Second Place The Moon by Katilyn Whitfield
Third Place Identity by Kate Hughes
Highly Commended A change of Heart by Nakai Bvunzawabaya
Adult Section First Place Attitude by Virgil Goncalves
Second Place ID by Bruce Greenhalgh
Third Place Pond Life by Jeff Guess
Highly Commended Outlander by Jenny Toune

2015 Gawler Short Story Competition

Junior Section  First Place Luella the Beautiful by Chelsea Harris-Semmler
   Second Place The Changing of the Wind by Ruby Buetefuer
   Third Place Pearl Harbour by Dylan Worswick
Youth Section  First Place Finding the Light by Georgia Lawrie
   Second Place The Door by Angelia Varelias
   Third Place Rising Star by Angus Randell
Adult Section  First Place June 1964 by Llywela Williams
   Second Place On Being Ordinary by Mark Fowler
   Third Place On the Other Foot by Judy Ferguson

2014 Gawler Poetry Competition

Junior Section First Place Desert Beach (Celebrating Nature) by Stephanie Goodwin
  Second Place Mia’s Party by Alexandra Goodwin
  Third Place Birth of a new beginning by Ruby Hartwig
  Highly Commended Best Christmas by Jake Doggen
  Highly Commended Happy Birthday Gawler by Madison Rodgers
Youth Section First Place Celebrating Sunset by Sarah Frances Hughes
  Second Place A new me; a New Year’s poem by Tatum Okmasich
  Third Place Celebrating the Beach by Sarah Frances Hughes
  Highly Commended Birthday Celebration by Laurin Fryar
  Highly Commended Christmas by Lachlan Colbourne
  Highly Commended New Year’s Eve by Georgia Thorne
Adult Section First Place A Celebration by Judy Ferguson
  Second Place A celebration of time by Rebecca Edwards
  Third Place Celebrate Gawler with Me by Marguerite Smith
  Highly Commended Reisling and Roses by Judy Ferguson
  Highly Commended After the Ultrasound by Rebecca Edwards

2013 Gawler Short Story Competition

Junior Section First Place Shahnan Westmacott  Frank Turner’s Story
Second Place Alicia Turner Have Faith in Me
Third Place Georgia Ellis Breaking Free
Youth Section First Place Bethany Slaughter Heart
Second Place Emma Gard Vile Esteemed
Third Place Bethany Slaughter The Nicholas Scout Crew
Highly Commended Celeste Hann Wolffang
Adult Section First Place John Healey The man who polished the floor
Second Place William Leaney Odyssey
Third Place David Kilmartin Midnight Shift
Highly Commended Mark Fowler Paint

2012 Gawler Poetry Competition

Junior Section First Place The Future   –  Hanna Fraser
Second Place Roller Blading  –  Christine Jones
Third Place Poor man with head lice  –  Hayden Lockwood
Commendation Night-time  –  Alisha Barker
Commendation Was it a…  –  Rebecca Kay
Commendation The Night Club  –  Hannah Stewart
Commendation Rowdy Crowd  –  Griffin Halfpenny
Commendation Drowning  –  Riley Machell
Commendation Sun – Caleb…  (School Acrostic Poem)  –  Caleb Petagna
Youth Section First Place Shadows   –  Sophie Robinson
Second Place Dance of the waves   –  Eloise Qinn-Valentine
Third Place Continuous sleep  –  Renee Moyle
Commendation The Stairway  –  Taylor White
Commendation Torment is my only friend  –  Renee Moyle
Adult Section First Place Outside   –  Kate Deller-Evans
Second Place Web attack   –  Joanne Baker
Third Place Dreaming big   –  Vanessa Lovell
Commendation Pastel on paper  –  Jill Bonner
Commendation Olfactory delights  –  Gordon Stanger
Commendation Cat in the window: A sonnet  –  Douglas Allington

2011 Gawler Short Story Competition – Winning Entries

Junior Section First Place Caitlin Marie Carswell   Emily’s frustrating mission
Second Place Nathalie Johnstone: The mystery of Coral Reef
Third Place Rose Hebberman: Shiniyah and Malloo
Commendation Zachary McDonnell: I’m Lost
Youth Section First Place Emma Gard:  A place in my heart
Second Place Rebekah Parker: Up North
Third Place Jake Brown: The thing that wouldn’t leave
Commendation Bethany Trigg: Contrasting Worlds
Commendation Trinh Vo: Canine’s Best Friend
Adult Section First Place Kym Milne: You and me in this place
Second Place Chris Leckonby: Strictly for the birds
Third Place Pauline Hollander: “Tasch’s Tale”
Commendation Judy Ferguson: Know Your Place (Apologies)
Commendation Jessica Smith: Whispers On The Wind

2010 Poetry Competition was not held.

2009 Short Story Competition

Winner of the Adult Section – Sandra Cheyne Brown “Trading Sheep Tags and Bulldust for Dreams”

Winner of the Junior Section – Nathalie Johnstone “A Hippo Called Harriet”

Winner of the Youth Section – Trent Viant “Taj’s Terrible Tale”

2008 Poetry Competition

Winner of the Youth Section Jake Ferrell ‘Sounds of War’

Winner of the Junior Section Rosalie Hoff ‘Silence’

Winner of the Adult section Anna Watson ‘Post Office Lilli Pilly’

2007 Short Story Competition

2007 Winner of Adult Section Judy Ferguson – Yellow

2007 Winner of Youth Section Monica Holmwood – When the fighting begins

2007 Winner of the Junior Section Lucy Wallowscheck – A place called home