Meet The Author Wendy Noble

As part of the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words this year, the Friends of Gawler Library are hosting a writer’s workshop presented by Wendy Noble. Please see details below.


What’s Your Dewey? 808.5 Public Speaking And The Power Of Words.

Speaking in public can put fear in the bravest of people. Known as glossophobia, symptoms of speech anxiety can be physically debilitating and affects as many as 75% of people. Despite this, there are many demands on us to speak in public – at work, social and special events, family occasions, celebrations and ceremonies. When asked to give a speech, it’s important not to panic – there is help about and 808.5 is a good start for some great oratory tips!

Part of the Life Skills series, Panic-free presentations by Greg & Elisa Paulk, is aimed at younger would-be orators, and provides practical tips and a stepped guide for presenting to an audience. Although the book approaches the topic from a student’s perspective, the layout, coupled with clear simple text and easy pace, makes it a useful entry-level introduction to the topic of public speaking.

According to Stand, speak, deliver! by  Vaughan Evans, ‘conquering the fear’ of public speaking involves ‘feeding like PACman’, that is, Practising (at every opportunity); Attracting (by engaging with the audience); and Chilling (taking your time). Evans aims to give readers the essentials of public speaking from the perspective of an experienced Toastmaster. The book is divided into five parts, which can be categorized as preparing, structuring, delivering, speaking and presenting. It is designed to both instruct and entertain, and includes sample speeches and notes in seven Appendices.

While many may focus on the fear associated with public speaking, key to successful speaking is focusing on the message, be it a wedding speech, a thank you, a lecture or a pitch for funding. What’s your message : public speaking with twice the impact, using half the effort by Cam Barber is based on the premise that all other titles on public speaking work on the ‘performance of the act of speaking’,  rather than the reason we speak in public. He argues that this approach adds unnecessary pressure to speakers, forcing them to be what they are not. By focusing on the message, Barber asserts speakers can be more relaxed and therefore more engaging, improving their communication. The book is structured into two parts – The Power of Messaging with examples from great leaders, public figures and company CEOs; and  The Vivid Method for Public Speaking which demonstrates a 3-part method to prepare and deliver speeches.
You can sample the e-book here: Whats-Your-Message-Public-Speaking-ebook