What’s Your Dewey? – Sizzling Summer – A cool tour of Dewey.

It’s safe to say that Summer brings out our inventiveness, as we seek the best cooling options on offer. Many simply want instant relief – to get through the unbearably hot day (or night), while others take a long term view, acknowledging that the hot weather is here to stay. Anyone not convinced that extreme hot weather is here to stay, need only watch the global weather reports and browse the latest books in the 551.5s that chronicle the changes we are experiencing.

Rather than watch the thermometer rising (which never provides me with a cooling effect), I thought I’d see what cooling ideas are out there and where in Dewey I might find them. There are many ideas out there, from the obvious to the complex. Here are just a few…

Stay safe in the sun
While it may seem obvious, our summer fun-loving ways mean that we want to go to the beach, play tennis, watch cricket or have a barbie in the park. Clearly, not all of us are prepared to stay indoors, so if we venture out, how can we do it safely?
Dress Appropriately
This includes what we wear and what we put on our skin. For those who are handy with needle & thread, scissors or machine, 646 may be a good place to start.
Simply sewn : clothes for every season by  Michiyo Ito is just one example of titles that look at seasonal fashions for the budget conscious, handy seamstress or tailor.
Wear a hat
Still in the 646s but specifically, 646.5 will provide readers with excellent millinery ideas for those who think carefully about what goes on their head!
…and of course – wear sunscreen!
Find shade
Wherever you may be outdoors in summer, it is always a good idea to  find some shade (or bring it with you). If you choose to bring it with you, then camping equipment might meet your needs but if you seek a cool, shady spot to have your picnic, then you may find the 725s (public structures) useful.

Keep cool on the inside
What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on the outside. The 641s will provide many ways you can keep your insides cool, with recipes for cold soups, salads and cool deserts.
Summer treats! : cool snacks for warm days by Cherise Pagano is just one example of easy, cool recipes.
Stay out of the sun
Many of us have air-conditioned cars and air-conditioned homes. Our public buildings and commercial providers also operate from air-conditioned premises. Apart from the concerns this raises with relation to our community’s energy consumption (and therefore its impact on the environment and by implication, climate change), there are also concerns about the way this constructed environment impacts our health.
 636.7 is one area where this topic is explored and Losing our cool : uncomfortable truths about our air-conditioned world (and finding new ways to get through the summer) by Stan Cox suggests some ways in which we can ameliorate the problems raised by living in an over-conditioned world. One way to do this is to make your home as climate efficient as possible and there are may books out there that suggest simple and complex ways to do this – from creating shady gardens with water features (the 710s), for example; Glorious shade : dazzling plants, design ideas, and proven techniques for your shady garden by Jenny Rose Carey…

…to designing or retrofitting your home (with cooling and ventilation in mind) in the 697s.

The eco-home design guide : principles and practice for new-build and retrofit by Christopher Day is just one example.

There is of course the drive to be practical and concise so if you are after a go-to guide then the 613s or the 649s may provide just the right book! How to beat the summer heat: A family guide to having fun and staying safe in summer by Carolyn Stone and Jacinta Carey is an example that is also available on Kindle.
You can look inside here: How to Beat the Summer Heat
Whatever you may choose to do this summer,  just remember there are many cool Dewey places you can look to find suggestions and solutions… and of course, it doesn’t hurt to stay a while in the library and just browse and read!







Overdrive – New Reading History Feature

Exciting News for Overdrive Users!
Overdrive now has a Reading History feature. When you borrow an item it will be automatically added to your history. You can also add titles manually. All the instructions are on their help page here: http://bit.ly/2g7O3XJ

Overdrive History Feature

How Does That Work? Tech Savvy 1on1 Help Sessions

So this week, by popular demand, we’ve relaunched our Tech Savvy 1on1 Help Sessions.  That’s excellent you say! So what are they and how do they work?
Well, have you been wanting to understand your device better?  Maybe you’d like to check out some of the eBooks and eAudiobooks that the library has available, but are unsure of the process?  That’s where we come in.  Every fortnight for eight weeks from Wednesday the 27th September, we will have three sessions available for our customers to book in to at the Evanston Gardens Library.  You will need your device/s, your app store login details and your library membership details, then we’ve got forty minutes to go through your queries!
Previous attendees have said they love the atmosphere in the library, the staff are patient, friendly and explain things clearly when going through the different processes. One lady had the Facebook app downloaded onto her tablet, but did not know how to post to create the conversations she saw happening among her family and friends.  We went through the process and what each part meant, culminating in a library selfie and her first Facebook post! That illustrates the reason these sessions exist.  We have heard from many community members and library customers that they want to participate in the digital world around them but lack the confidence and knowledge to progress with their devices.  
We hope to assist our attendees with; basic tablet and smartphone skills; accessing the library’s eCollection; understanding the security measures of your device; learning the steps to update your device’s operating system and using the WiFi.  
If any of these topics sound like something you’d be interested in, please give our library staff a call and book into one of the available sessions.  We have 12 forty minute sessions available on Wednesdays (27 September, 11 & 25 October and 08 November) at the Evanston Gardens Branch Library at 9:15am, 10:00am and 10:45am.  We’re looking forward to helping you get more out of your devices and the digital world around us.


Overdrive – Together We Read

The next free eBook title in Overdrive’s Together We Read is Once Lost by Ber Carroll, available today until September 21st.
Summary: Louise and Emma are best friends who grew up together in Dublin. Louise now has a new life thousands of miles away in Sydney and longs to find her mother who walked out on her as a child.While Emma, still living in Dublin, deals with her ex-partner, Jamie and the risk of losing Isla, her young daughter.
So where is Louise’s mother? Will Emma ever be free of her ex? Both women frantically search for answers, but when the truth finally emerges it is more shattering than they had ever expected.
Available here: https://sapln.overdrive.com/
Big Library Read September 2017