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Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – Justice & Law

So it may not be the most interesting stop in our A-Z Apps, or it may be just what you are looking for. Knowing your rights and responsibilities are a necessity and knowing where to start is sometimes the key to staying aware. The following apps have been compiled for those who are seeking legal assistance, general information or are currently involved in the legal profession.

Legal Aid SA – (http://www.lsc.sa.gov.au/cb_pages/news/Android_app_available.php)  Need legal advice? Would you like clarification on something? You can access many fact sheets and brochures with instant contact to the offices across Australia. Created by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia and available for free for Android.

ATO – (https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Online-services/ATO-app/)  The Australian Taxation Office has made available a convenient way to access and keep track of your tax and super. Keep up-to-date with your self-managed super fund trustee, small business taxation information or personal tax. Available from Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store and Microsoft Windows Phone Store.

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AusLII) – (http://www.austlii.edu.au/austlii/apps/) is the official app released by the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and gives you access to Australia’s most popular online legal resource from the convenience of your mobile device.  Containing data from over 140 courts, tribunals and boards from all over every Australian State and Territory.  The app will optimise documentation from the website to fit your device’s screen and give you the option to email directly from the app. Available from Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store.

ACCC Shopper App – (https://www.accc.gov.au/about-us/tools-resources/accc-shopper-app) The Australian Competition Consumer Commission has a great resource if you’re looking to find out what your consumer rights are when you’re out shopping.  You can set reminders for warranties, store your receipts for your purchases for ease of reference and get answers to all your purchase FAQs. Available from  Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store.

ABC – Law Report Podcasts – (http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/) This is available by whichever app you use on your device that provides you with podcast subscriptions.  Varying discussions from the radio program on ABC Radio.

Constitution of Australia – https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/constitution-of-australia/id427445304  This contains full text of the updated Australian Constitution from the revised reprint of 2012. It  also has reference material for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ recognition in the Constitution.

…And as always, we have a Justice of the Peace available at the Gawler Sport & Community Centre every Thursday and Saturday from 10:30-12:30.  No need to book an appointment, just come in and see the front desk and they’ll direct you through to the Justice of the Peace on duty.

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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How Does That Work? Your Library Card – More than just borrowing.

So you ask… How Does That Work?

This new blog series, will explore the different questions we get asked daily by our customers.  You may find that some of the answers are dead simple or simply something you never realised, but every time we will endeavour to answer your question.  This time round the question is… What can my Library Card do?

Your Gawler Public Library Card can give you access to so much! Apart from having the ability to access ANY public library in South Australia to borrow books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and so much more, you can use your card membership number with your account PIN to use the computer and printing facilities in any SA Public Library too.  So wherever you find yourself in our state, you can grab a book, print your tickets or use the WiFi.
You can also access your library account at any time via our website.  Head to our online catalogue (gawlerlibrary.sa.gov.au) and Log In.  Your Login consists of your Username (the Barcode number on your card) and a PIN assigned to you when you first joined the Library.

The account area has four tabs –
Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds & Fines.

In the
Personal Information area you can check your details to make sure they’re correct, check your preferences and if necessary you can also change your PIN for your account.
In the
Checkouts area you will see the items currently loaned out to you as well as any digital checkouts (ebooks & audiobooks) you may have on your account.  In this tab you have the option to renew your items on loan.  Just tick the box next to the items you’d like to renew and select Renew at the top of the page. 

Holds area is where you will find your pending requests in sections; your physical items and digital requests.  In this tab you can Cancel, Suspend or Edit Pickup Location(s) for your holds.
The Gawler Public Library has three pickup locations to choose from; Evanston Gardens Library, Gawler Administration Centre and the Library room at the Gawler Sport & Community Centre.
On both of the previous tabs you will also find Group Checkouts or Holds,  (if your family is part of a group on our system). Once set up, this function will enable you to see what items your group has checked out and has on hold.  This is particularly good for parents of children who have their own cards. If you would like to find out more about Groups, please ask a staff member the next time you’re in the library.
The Fines tab will only apply if you’ve lost an item or used a library which fines (Gawler Public Library does not) and returned your items late.  You will find any current fines, accruing fines and your payment history.  If you owe a library money and they have a PayPal account, you can pay this online through your account.  It will indicate if this is available to you. If you have any queries about this tab’s information, please contact the library to discuss further. 
Your Library barcode number and PIN also gives you access to a range of library resources using the following Apps (available to download on your device’s app store):

 – Library catalogue & account app
Libby & OverDrive – ebook and audiobook catalogue/reader/player
Lynda.com – video tutorial database
RBdigital – digital magazines catalogue and reader

ePlatform by Wheelers – ebook catalogue/reader


We also have Online Databases you can access in the library using your library login details. They include the Computer School.net, Ancestry.com and Carter’s Price Guide to Antiques.
Using the computers and WiFi in the library at Gawler and around the state is much the same –  you log in with your library barcode and PIN to access these facilities.

Did you know your humble little library card could do so much? Give it a try!

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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Tech Savvy A-Z Apps Series – I can do that! (Craft & Making)

Do you like to create?  Do you sew or knit? Maybe you like to work with Bonsai trees or do your crafty skills tend more towards the digital? Do you love to create short films? There are so many ways to stretch your crafty muscles and just as many apps to assist you in your passions! Do you have an especially helpful app you use? Let us know and check out some of our staff favourites below.
Craftsy – (https://www.craftsy.com/apps) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — A FREE app to connect you with thousands of like-minded crafters from around the world.  You can browse the offerings from other makers for tools, supplies and ideas.  Download step-by-step tutorials (an extra in-app purchase) and you can also watch via your AppleTV if you have one.  A very popular and well reviewed app.
BlockFab-HD – (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/blockfab-hd/id401791298?mt=8) – Apple iTunes App Store — This is a FREE, well used and well recommended quilting app suggested by one of our staff members; Annette.  As she is an expert quilter, her opinion has great weight behind it here. This app contains great guides on how much fabric to use and how to cut your pieces to form your preferred designs. 
Craftgawker– (https://craftgawker.com/page/6/) – Apple iTunes App Store — A FREE app collating over 41,000 craft blogger DIY ideas for people looking through all those lovely images you find online.  They have links to helpful step-by-step guides, illustrations and photos to get your creative juices flowing and get to making your own masterpieces.  From hanging gardens planters to painting, papercraft and Game of Thones cutting boards, there’s sure to be something for just about every person and skill level.
WikiHow– (http://www.wikihow.com/wikiHow:About-wikiHow) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — This site/app has literally anything you could think of attempting and MANY different languages to choose from. WikiHow have boasted over 150,000 how-to guides for you to choose from with their tag line being; wikiHow… to do anything! You can learn about resume writing, avoiding theft while travelling  planning a cookout, painting sunflowers and much more. 

This is also the best place to put our very own Lynda.com app too! (FREE access using your SA Public Libraries membership).  Available on multiple devices, you can search, find and get stuck into your next project with great instructions and videos to guide you through. Check out our website http://www.gawler.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=491 to log in and get started! 
If you’re not so crafty but would love something handmade, download the FREE Etsy app (https://www.etsy.com/au/mobile?ref=m_app_bnr) to find so many options made by local and worldwide artisans that you’ll find hard to choose from!  They also have a specially made app for those of you who are getting so good you need to start selling items to cope with all the requests.
This brings us to the launch of a new series for our blog, starting this month, called How Does That Work?  This series will have many how-to guides of our own making for library related queries.  So if you’ve ever wondered how to use the catalogue, change your account details, reserve a DVD or use the photocopier, hopefully this series will give you the answers. Stay tuned and let us know what your burning questions are!

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy


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Tech Savy: A-Z Apps Series – Health Apps

There are so many apps around now that cater to improving or maintaining your health.  In this post we’ll be talking about the apps that are available for physical and mental health.  Are you a FitBit user?  Or part of the Nike+ Run Club?  Or do you prefer a more sedate exercise like Yoga?

Then there are apps which collate all the information from various sources on your device to give you an overall picture of your health.  Would you like to create some music to help tune out the world and regain your sense of calm?  Do you have a medical condition or disability that requires you to keep track of medications, events or details?  Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation where you wished you could refer to something for medical/emergency information?  The following list we’ve compiled has details and links to many apps we’ve either found helpful ourselves or that we think you may find useful for when you’re on the go on your device.

FitBit – (https://www.fitbit.com/au/app) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Works with your FitBit devices to measure your activity and provide detailed information for you to track your progress throughout the day and over longer periods of time. Free app but requires purchased devices.

Nike+ Run Club
– (http://www.nike.com/au/en_gb/c/nike-plus/running-app-gps) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Social app environment to encourage you to meet your running goals with stats, progress information and personalised coaching tips. There are also regular challenges promoted to get people participating together for comparison and competition.

St John Ambulance – (http://stjohn.org.au/apps/apps/First_Aid.html) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Boasting to have over 125 years of First Aid research, experience and knowledge built into this app, for users to access when they really need it.  Available for free and updated late last year with new information about bites and stings. It’s a great app to have on your phone and hopefully you’ll never need it.

Relax Melodies – (http://www.ipnossoft.com/app/relax-melodies/) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Promoted as a great way to practice mindfulness and to relax your body and mind into a more restful sleep, there are many options for you to create your perfect relaxing mix of sounds and music.  You can also peruse the list of ready-made meditations, ready for you to use. Very well rated for both the Android and Apple versions, with a free download available with paid upgrade options.

Yoga Studio – (http://www.yogastudioapp.com/) – Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store, Amazon and Windows 10 — Created and performed by a qualified instructor, this app has great reviews across all platforms and is also available on the newest iteration of the AppleTV.  Played in full HD and once downloaded, the videos are stored on your device which means anywhere you feel the desire to break out the downward dog, is your yoga studio.  Individual poses, ready made classes and calendar syncing all in the app to really individualise your experience.

Health Direct – (https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/health-app) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — This app has been created to provide better access to managing your health needs.  You can check your symptoms, find a health service and get trusted health information using the different parts of the app.  It is also very helpful in an emergency with the ability to to display latitude and longitude coordinates to assist with communicating with emergency services. Available as a free download from both platforms.

Indigenous Health & Welfare Statistics / OzWelfare / OzHealth – (https://itunes.apple.com/au/developer/australian-institute-of-health-and-welfare/id576272269) These are only available from the Apple iTunes store. — The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare have introduced three apps as a reference tool for people working in the welfare, indigenous and health sector.  It provides statistics for population life expectancy, births, deaths, health and medical research, spending on medicines, lifestyle factors and more.  Available as a free download.

Children with ASD & Disability
– (http://raisingchildren.net.au/asd_disability_app/autism_and_disability_app.html) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Created by the Raising Children Website as a free download to assist families and carers with access to funding, services and support for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other disabilities.  Parent videos and contacts directory are also available to make this app a great reference tool.

Express Plus Centrelink & Express Plus Medicare – (https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/express-plus-mobile-apps) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — An all in one app for all the business you have with Centrelink or Medicare to update your details, access information and their range of services.

– (http://www.australia.gov.au/content/medicine-list-plus-app) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Created as a free download by National Prescribing Service MedicineWise for tracking the medicines you use.  This is a great resource for parents, carers and those who have multiple medications.  You can check what the medicine is for, how much to use and when to use it.  Record your health information, share you list with healthcare professionals and set reminders for when you should be taking your medicines. 

My Quit Buddy – (http://www.quitnow.gov.au/internet/quitnow/publishing.nsf/Content/quit-buddy) – Google Play, Apple iTunes App Store and Windows Phone Store — This is an app create by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency as a free download for people who are looking to quit their smoking habits.  It contains helpful tips, tracking systems to show progress towards your quit goals, distractions to counteract cravings and facts all designed to assist the user to quit permanently. 

National Relay Service (Deaf)
– (http://relayservice.gov.au/support/nrs-app/) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — This app is free for smartphones and tablets and a world-first for the deaf community when accessing relay calls and support functionality in one app.  Different call options are available and use the data allowance attached to the device using the app.  There is also a link to the National Relay Service website for further information.

Allen Adventure – (http://www.australia.gov.au/news-and-social-media/apps) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store (on iPad only) — Safe and Supportive School Communities Project from the Queensland Government working with all Australian Educational authorities, available as a free download on tablet devices.  Designed to be an educational and safe way for children to deal with the topic of harassment, bullying and violence and what to do if they’re involved or a bystander to that behaviour. 

Pickle app
– (http://www.pickle.org.au/) – Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store — Shelter SA created this free app with funding from a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, Community Benefit SA grant.  This app is for young people who find themselves at risk of being homeless or in an unsafe situation and require urgent assistance.  This app will connect you to your nearest possible service organisation to get the assistance you need.  For more information go to the website. 

So that’s by no means an exhaustive list of available apps, you may find something of use to get you moving or organised with your health.  Let us know what great apps you have that are health related.

 Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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Tech Savvy: A-Z Apps Series – G for Government

So our last A-Z Apps Series letter was F for fun and now we’ve got to G and that means Government.  Our Federal, State and Local Governments have developed numerous apps to assist with information dissemination and collection to better serve their communities.  Most of these apps will be available in Android and iOS form, with some of them available on other operating systems.




For the Federal Government you can go to one website to get access to everything they’ve released.  Some of these are no longer available, which can be a little frustrating.  Australian Federal Government apps are all listed here on this link (http://www.australia.gov.au/news-and-social-media/apps).  There are so many to choose from and it really depends on what kind of functionality you’re looking for. I’ve listed a few below, that I think are worth mentioning.

  • ABS Stats – from the Australian Bureau of Statistics updated with Census data.  If you’re looking for Australian data, this’ll be a great resource for you.
  • AusPost – from Australia Post.  This app is also available for the Windows Phone and they’re continually updating it.  Tracking a parcel, want to know a postcode, need a post shop?  This will be a great little resource for you.
  • ato – from the Australian Taxation Office, also available for Windows Phone.  Whether you’re a small business owner or employee, you can use this app to keep track of your taxation and super affairs.

  • BOM Weather – from the Bureau of Meteorology.  Forecasts, rain predictions, warnings and more for capital cities, your current location or your home town.
  • Energy Rating – from the Department of the Environment, available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry & as a Web app.  Are you looking to purchase a new appliance?  Would you like to know before you buy how much it will cost?  Consult the app while you are out shopping.
  • Express Plus Centrelink – from the Department of Human Services.  Smartphone access to your Centrelink account with ways to keep track of your situation, report your income and update your details.

  • Learning The Ropes – Navy Knots – from the Royal Australian Navy.  Ever wished you knew how to better secure your tent?  This app has all you need to know about knot tying and includes 3D animated tutorials too.  Only on iOS.
  • National Public Toilet Map – from the Department of Health.  Free and available on iOS only. Going on a driving holiday through Australia?  Need to know where the next loo stop will be?  This is the app for you road trippers.

  • National Relay Service – from the Department of Communications. This app was created to better assist our deaf or hearing/speech impaired community to make phone calls.
  • Smart Traveller – from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Thinking of venturing overseas?  Have you registered with the Australian Government in case of emergency? This app is full of helpful hints, tips and checklists to make your next trip overseas and safe one.

That was a condensed list of available apps from the link above.  Check it out, you might find something applicable to you that I haven’t mentioned.

Next we move onto the State Government level. Whilst these apps are State Government developed, you’ll find they all have different links (unlike for the Federal Government.

  • SLSA Walks – http://guides.slsa.sa.gov.au/walkingtoursapp – available on Android and iOS for free. The State Library of South Australia gives you the opportunity to wander through our State’s history at your own pace using the app as a guide to many significant names, dates and places in our city of Adelaide.
  • Legal Aid SA – http://www.lsc.sa.gov.au/cb_pages/news/Android_app_available.php – Created by Legal Services Commission of South Australia.  Available for free for Android.  Need legal advice? Would you like clarification on something? You can access many factsheets and brochures with instant contact with their offices across the state.
  • MySA GOV app – https://my.sa.gov.au/ – released in May this year and available for free on iOS and Android phones.  Check out the link for all the information.  This new app gives people the opportunity to securely digitise and store their Government issued licences in South Australia.

And now to the apps developed for the Local Government Communities.  I won’t go to0 far into these as our readers may be from different Local Government Areas.  If you go to your Local Government Council website, or you can visit the Local Government Association website, to find South Australian Council websites.  One particular app available for most council areas is the MyLocal App listed below.

MyLocalApp – – http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=4099 Created by the Local Government Association of SA with funding from the State Government – Council services, events, programs, waste and recycling services and more are listed.  Download the app and see what your local council offers.  There was another funding grant given to create further ability to pinpoint on map for graffiti notification – Available to download on Android and iOS for free.

So although Government is probably not the most exciting point in our A-Z of apps, it does give us so many apps from many different departments across all levels of our Government.

Post Contributor: Melinda Kennedy

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